Cellomobile.com Offering World Travelers a Rental Blackberry, Works as a Phone and as a Modem

Rent a short-term Blackberry with unlimited Data, designed to meet the needs of international travelers.

Monroe, NY, April 09, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Cellomobile.com recently introduced a short-term Blackberry rental with an unlimited data plan designed to meet the needs of international travelers.

Cellomobile.com is currently offering an unprecedented data plan for international travelers. The plan allows world travelers to rent a late model Blackberry that works wherever they want to go. The Blackberry works as both a communication device and a modem, offering unlimited depth of coverage that includes talk, text, and web in any corner of the world.

The data plan truly is unlimited, without restrictions or hidden fees. One flat fee covers everything. Cellomobile.com customers enjoy excellent coverage in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, UK, Spain, Italy, France, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Israel, and more than 200 other countries worldwide.

International Data Plan Highlights:

• Late model Blackberry device (9700, 9300, or 8520 model) with full QWERTY keyboard, built-in GPS, web browsing, email, etc.
• Modem capability for laptop connection
• Emails forwarded to Blackberry for instant response
• Works in over 220 countries worldwide
• Enjoy full-featured mobility everywhere
• Truly unlimited, no hidden terms capping data use
• No travel limits. Contract for two days or two years.

Unlike most international data plan offers, CelloMobile.com charges only for actual travel days. Other companies may offer lower prices with a catch – charges start from the day the handheld is picked up or additional fees apply to data transfer or other services. In fact, recently the major carriers discontinued their unlimited Blackberry plans and are currently charging international customers by the megabyte – which could be extremely expensive in comparison to the CelloMobile.com flat rate international data plan considering normal daily use.

Current Promotion

To kick off its new unlimited international data plan, Cellomobile.com is offering the first 50 customers a discount of 20% with a minimum two-week rental agreement.

About Cellomobile.com

Cellomobile.com serves thousands of customers with excellent service and quality worldwide communication solutions. Our customers range from small businesses to major corporations, including Ford Motors, CBS, The New York Times, and Hess Oil Corporation. We also serve individual needs for leisure travelers and students traveling abroad.

Company: http://www.cellomobile.com/

Abe Kraus