Drug Free Detox to Launch Natural Detoxification Program

Drug Free Detox, a North American leader in the utilisation of an all natural approach to drug withdrawal, is now launching its clinically acclaimed All Natural Detoxification Program. Drug Free Detox is now Doctor Recommended and will feature its cutting edge and state of the art all natural protocols to help individuals get off drugs and alcohol without any of the severe painful side effects associated with kicking the habit.

New York, NY, April 19, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Drug Free Detox is proudly announcing the availability of its Doctor Recommended All Natural Detoxification program. This program, according to Drug Free Detox, includes a variety of natural products designed specifically to addresses the exact physical cause of addiction and provide the individual with proper amounts of Glutathione, Nitric Oxide and other all natural Proprietary Nutriceuticals to help the body rebuild its immune system and heal naturally.

Drug Free Detox claims that these products will not only put users on their way to a healthy recovery, but will also aid with cravings and withdrawals in an efficient manner.

The Drug Free Detox program offers a comprehensive in depth 3 day protocol that does not treat the symptoms. It allows your body’s immune system to attack and resolve the exact physical cause of addiction.

Drug Free Detox states that this program allows the individual to detox their body from Heroin, Cocaine, Morphine, and Opiate derivatives, and all Psycho-Pharmaceutical Medications and Drugs. The program is quiet, discrete and performed confidentially in the comfort and privacy of one’s home without the use of expensive hospitals or running the risk of undertaking general anesthesia at the cost of $7,000 to $10,000.00. By following these protocols exactly as explained by Drug Free Detox, individuals will be on the way to recovery in a very natural manner, using only high end natural products that have been clinically acclaimed and tested during human trials.

Drug Free Detox was born after their discovery that natural products can indeed help addicts work through withdrawal periods when coming off drugs and alcohol. The basic 3 day protocols combined with the strong will of taking one’s life back in their own hands, can greatly help addicts to get back into a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

For more information, visit www.drugfreedetox.com.

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