New Book "Are You Living or Surviving?" Introduces Concept of Livolution

Mark Massing has published a guide to happiness based on his personal success in improving his life. It is available in paperback, PDF format, and for the Kindle e-reader.

Elma, NY, April 09, 2011 --( A new book entitled "Are You Living or Surviving?" by Mark Massing is now available for download at in PDF and Amazon Kindle e-book editions and will soon be available in paperback. The self-help book details secrets for all-around happiness based on Massing’s personal life changes that improved his health, financial situation, relationships, time management, stress management and weight-loss efforts.

“Most people’s daily lives are just carbon copies of the previous day,” Massing said. “This e-book helps people break that cycle and start taking charge of the lives they want to live.”

A key concept throughout the book is Livolution™, or living revolution: making the decision to live life differently every day. The goal is to do at least one thing differently every day than the previous day, such as showing a small gesture of affection to one’s spouse that he or she wouldn’t normally do. Even small daily actions like this, Massing says, will create a positive energy that is contagious to all areas of one’s life resulting in lasting change.

“For many of us we just want to be happier. We want to stop being stressed out over our jobs, money, relationship problems, family issues, health problems, etc. We get tired of the day-in-day-out monotonous lives most of us live. If you just do one thing every day you are on your way to huge, life-altering positive changes in your life,” Massing said.

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