"Creative Unconscious," a Two Man Exhibition Featuring Recent Work by Mark Vinsun and Ricardo Osmondo Francis

New York, NY, April 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- “Creative Unconscious" is the first exhibit of the year 2011 for LeonidesArts New York Gallery located at the "art hotel" Skyline Hotel, Lobby; 725 Tenth Avenue and 49th Street, New York, New York 10019, featuring recent work by painters Mark Vinsun and Ricardo Osmondo Francis. The abstract painter Mark Vinsun's large, bold, colorful visions are often described as volatile emotional landscapes wrought with both rage and impassioned vivacity; while realist expressionist painter Ricardo Osmondo Francis creates densely layered narratives that often depict men of color, flowers, insects, animals, and other natural still life forms in lush fictionalized allegorical settings. Both painters share in their own perspectives an unabashed response to both nature and the human spirit. Mr. Mark D. Hurewitz, General Manager, Skyline Hotel and Mr. Leonides Molinar, Owner/Director of the LeonidesArts New York Gallery have come together to convert this rather popular west side Manhattan hotel into a unique destination for contemporary art lovers. The mission of LeonidesArts is to exhibit a new generation of art from the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean that is bold, fresh, innovative, passionate, and that stirs the soul completely. Together as a force they intend to showcase the very best of what is being created in their respective countries with a link to the New York Art Scene where they have a developing presence and a growing list of admires, supporters, collectors, critics with up and coming collectors. "Creative Unconscious" will run until June 30, 2011. Gallery hours are by appointment only. This reception is free to the public. For more information about this exhibit you may contact Ricardo Francis for LeonidesArts at 917 279 5576 rfrancis9876@yahoo.com.

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