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Makati, Philippines, March 01, 2007 --( A slide show of painters who support Human Rights has been added to the guest galleries at the online presence of artist Henry Bateman.

On display is a range of work that tie into the 30 articles of the Declaration of Human Rights from artists around the globe. All of whom believe that the world will be a better place to live when these rights are common place for all of human kind.

The slide show is just a small percentage of art on display at , a grassroots movement of painters who use their creativity and art to promote human rights.

“Anything that can create an environment in which the individual can flourish is a worth while cause, even if it is out of artistic self interest,” said Bateman, the creative force behind “What I have done is very small in the scheme of things, but if it only changes one person’s attitude it won’t be a waste of band width,” he added.

“These are uncertain times and we need to make sure we keep our basic rights and make it possible for all to strive to greater heights,” said Susi Galloway, the creator of . “Any and all offers of support are appreciated,” she added.

About is the online presence of expatriate Australian artist Henry Bateman which shows his abstract art, street photography and in the guest galleries a selection of art by artists from around the globe. is the brain child of artist Susi Galloway where artists world wide are able to show their support for the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights.

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