Gerstein Global Futures Brings Innovations to Network Strategies of Online Trading Analysis Tools

Gerstein Global Futures, an internationally recognized commodity futures trading service provider and known for its innovative trading platforms, announced today the commencement of its major enhancements to its Strategy Network through online trading analysis tools.

Frankfurt, Germany, April 13, 2011 --( Once completed, these improvements will make total changes and transformation to the firm’s traditional Strategy Network to an application-store styled marketplace to innovative trading software and strategies, useful trading indicators, and other online trading analysis tools that are carefully and brilliantly created by autonomous trading software manufacturers to help the Gerstein Global Futures trading infrastructures and systems. When final installation is made, the new Strategy Network of online brokerage trading analysis tools will provide its clients with immense new trading tools which can be used and integrated to their trading strategies and can also be used in decision making.

As part of the innovations of the firm’s Strategy Network, Gerstein Global Futures now welcomes independent trading software manufacturers for a free trial of their products. The free trial is in accordance with Gerstein Global Futures product purchase process. During trials, when a specific trading tool conforms to the firm’s specifications and standards, the tested product is considered approved. However, it will still undergo experimentation wherein clients will be using the product in actual trading. This is to test if the product qualifies to the unique trading requirements of the clients.

The free trial phase of the product means that Gerstein Global Futures clients can now use, analyze, optimize, back-test and automate trading strategies and execute actual trade orders as paper traders in order to know the benefits of the products as well as to see how the product works and to test whether the product is right for them without risking any capital investment. Free trial products can be directly sent to the clients’ most preferred trading platforms.

Furthermore, Gerstein Global Futures new Strategy Network now has a new look aside from customized features. It can easily combine the web pages of the site making it simpler for the clients to find more information needed to determine which products and services are fit for their specific trading needs. To help clients choose for the right strategies and trading tools, the Strategy Network has included useful reviews and ratings from the clients who have experience using the products in their actual trading.

“Our newly enhanced and well-planned application store format Strategy Network which will be released on the third quarter of the fiscal year is expected to strengthen and expand our Strategy Network service offerings with diverse and wide-array trading tool products to choose from that can help improve our clients experience and can brilliantly help them in making significant trading decisions,” said Mr. Karl Cullen, the CEO and President of Gerstein Global Futures. “These enhancements are also expected to broaden our trading horizons while achieving our global vision of building long term relationships with both local and international clients.”

Gerstein Global Futures
Luca Weber