On Site Energy Appointed Exclusive Rental Agent for The PEACH

On Site Energy (OSEC), an East Coast provider of temporary power & temperature control rental equipment has been appointed the exclusive northeast rental agent for The PEACH (packaged electric, air-conditioning and heat) a forward operating rapid deployment base camp.

Hicksville, NY, April 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The PEACH combines several disaster response & recovery elements to form a scalable and transportable rapid deployment shelter system. At the heart of this system is a custom designed trailer that provides air-conditioning, heating and on scene emergency electrical power. The PEACH trailer is used as a utilities distribution center to provide those essential services to a city like layout of inflatable structures (these are the same military grade inflatable that NATO uses). The inflatable structures are used for a variety of functions and services that include network operations, command & control, detention, triage, rehab, communications and barracks each with its own air-conditioning, heating, lighting and electrical outlets.

When speaking to Patrick French, VP of Sales he shared with them just who would use such a system, “We see The Peach going into several arenas, on the private sector we see this as a huge plus for utility companies. When there are wide spread power outages caused by natural or man-made disasters the utility crews are working in areas that do not have the basics necessary to conduct restoration efficiently, they rent temporary operations space often many miles from the affected areas. This cuts down productivity by increasing travel time and increasing costs, which in turn will ultimately hurt the consumer. With The PEACH the utility company can set-up temporary offices right in the affected areas and have the ability within minutes to break these structures down and transport them further downstream as they continue to restore power – I see this as a big savings for them, huge!”

Patrick French also noted, “The PEACH is in a class of it’s own when compared to other rapid deployment systems, our structures inflate and deflate quicker, have compartmentalized construction so a single leak will not deflate it, are fully insulated to keep cool air in the summer and warm in the winter, and we have enough electrical power available to run the most sophisticated communications equipment or entire operating theater all in one package. This is truly a new way to conduct forward operations in devastated or remote areas.”

On Site Energy, a solution driven, regional renter of power, cooling, and heating equipment with field specialist to assist customers in all event, industrial, commercial, and technology related sectors meet their goals and reduce their exposure with their latest biodiesel burning equipment. For additional information call 1-800-RENTAL-1.

Altin Partners / On Site Energy (OSEC)
Gail Conover