On Site Energy Announces Enhanced Capability to Provide Temporary and Emergency Cooling Services

On Site Energy is prepared to provide powerful cooling equipment to organizations facing power outages, equipment failures and other emergencies to protect valuable property and keep people safe during the blistering summer heat. - March 26, 2014

Bank Inspects On Site Energy Generator Rental Sets

In the early stages of the latest storm here in the Northeast, a bank called On Site Energy and rented 23 stand-by generator sets. Hours after the call, something brand new happened. - February 16, 2014

On Site Energy Provides High-Wattage Heaters for NYC Movie Premiere Event

On Site Energy once again demonstrated its ongoing commitment to the film and special events industry by supplying powerful heating equipment to keep important guests warm and comfortable during a recent high-profile movie premiere event in New York City. - December 30, 2013

On Site Energy Provides Power and Keeps Hylan Plaza Shopping Center Open

Hylan Plaza Shopping Center suffered damage to the electrical wiring and electric panel due to corrosion from salt-water exposure. On Site Energy powers the plaza during repairs, stores stay open and employees keep working. - October 16, 2013

On Site Energy Offers Temporary Cooling Solutions

On Site Energy offers temporary cooling solutions for companies facing heat waves, equipment failures and special events in older buildings. The company also rents power cables, transformers and generators along with emergency air conditioning equipment. - June 01, 2013

Transformer Rentals Now Offered by On Site Energy

Transformer failures happen in the most random of circumstances, leaving buildings without power, with no way to make a quick fix. Office buildings, factory floors, computer rooms, and catering halls are but a few of the kinds of buildings that need power restored immediately. On Site Energy is your best choice for these emergencies. - April 27, 2013

ADA-Compliant Cable Ramps Protect Pedestrians and Power Cables

On Site Energy announces ADA-compliant cable ramps to protect temporary power cables from pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Designed to help organizations stay in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, the 5-channel ramps are ideal for use in public, commercial, industrial, construction and utility applications, as well as in amusement parks, sporting events and entertainment venues. - April 03, 2013

Portable 20 Ton Air Handlers Provide Temporary Heat

20 ton air handlers, can utilize a buildings existing steam or hot water infrastructure, avoiding all of the pitfalls of temporary electric, oil, or gas fired heaters. - January 26, 2013

On Site Energy Provides Ultra-Quiet Water Cooled Chiller While Building’s Permanent Chiller is Down

When a building’s permanent chiller went down, On Site Energy supplied a temporary chiller and transformer, which allowed the buildings to function normally. - September 08, 2012

On Site Energy Provides Humidity Control in the Hamptons

Weather is always a factor in construction, especially when you are dealing with material that is sensitive to the environment. One contractor had a humidity problem so severe it had the potential to shut down his multimillion-dollar project. - July 20, 2012

On Site Energy provides Emergency Rental Solutions to Long Island Hospital

On Site Energy deploys emergency rental equipment to Long Island hospital when the transformer in their main building suddenly fails. - May 11, 2012

Evaporative Cooling Equipment, Now Offered by On Site Energy

When the temperature rises, On Site Energy’s fleet of evaporative coolers are ready to roll. Their evaporative coolers are portable, and can easily be moved around shops, factories, backyards, sporting events and hundreds of other areas for comfort and increased productivity. - April 28, 2012

Alternatives for Temporary Heat with 1.0 Million BTU Indirect Oil Fired Heater Rentals

LEED building construction offers unique challenges for the General Contractor. - January 19, 2012

PEACH Mobile Command Center Available Within Hours Exclusively at OnSite-Energy.com

OnSite-Energy.com, an inflatable shelter provider for the East Coast, is promoting The PEACH, a mobile command center that the company can provide as a rental within hours. - October 21, 2011

On Site Energy Appointed Exclusive Rental Agent for The PEACH

On Site Energy (OSEC), an East Coast provider of temporary power & temperature control rental equipment has been appointed the exclusive northeast rental agent for The PEACH (packaged electric, air-conditioning and heat) a forward operating rapid deployment base camp. - April 14, 2011

On Site Energy is Proud to be a Sponsor of the Ninth Annual "Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk"

On Site Energy will provide temporary power solutions by placing sound attenuated generators along the path to power the audio system from Brooklyn to Manhattan and a PEACH unit at the finish line. - September 23, 2010

On Site Energy Provides Cooling Rental Solutions During Record-Breaking Temperatures

With temperatures and humidity levels well above normal this July, air conditioning seems to be the subject on everyone’s mind. - August 03, 2010

On Site Energy® Supplies Power for "The Bamboozle Roadshow" at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

The Bamboozle Roadshow heads into the Nassau Coliseum's parking lot. This outdoor music festival will be powered by On Site's generator rental equipment and over 1,500 feet of power cable to keep the show running. On Site Energy® will have a main generator supplying power as well as a back-up... - June 29, 2010

On Site Energy® Provides Temporary Cooling to Statue of Liberty National Monument

On Site Energy® (OSEC) was selected by the National Parks Service’s Statue of Liberty National Monument to provide 2 – 20 ton portable air conditioning units. The two units will be utilized to cool the gift shop and food service areas while new facilities are constructed. The rental units will remain in place throughout the summer season to keep visitors cool & comfortable. - May 26, 2010

On Site Energy Supplies Power to "Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk 2009" for Second Consecutive Year

On Site Energy (OSEC) sets up generators in Brooklyn and Manhattan to supply power along the path that the heroic Firefighter Stephen Siller took from the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel to the World Trade Center on 9/11, - October 14, 2009

On Site Energy Co., Inc. (OSEC) Provides Power Solutions to the City of Jeffersonville, Indiana

The City of Jeffersonville like many Indiana communities along the Ohio River has had a history of combined sewer overflows. This has caused the city to be the focus of the Environmental Protection Agency. They needed to purchase quality used generator sets at an affordable price to provide emergency power when needed. - July 10, 2009

On Site Energy Co., Inc. is Chosen by the New York State Parks Department, as the Power Supplier for the Jones Beach Air Show

Saturday, May 23, 2009, On Site Energy Co., Inc. will deploy its generators to the New York Air Show at Jones Beach to supply power while thousands enjoy the show. - May 18, 2009

On Site Energy Co., Inc. Is Selected as the Official "Power Source" for the Second Consecutive Year for the "Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair"

On Site Energy Co., Inc. the official “power source” for the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair had generators parked along the streets of Tribeca, silently providing power to the hundreds of power outlets required for the various sponsors and vendors that displayed and entertained the audience of thousands. In addition their generators provided power to all the Red Carpet events for the two weeks prior to the main event. - May 08, 2009

President-Elect Barack Obama’s Inauguration Will be a Warm One Despite Freezing Temperatures This Week, Thanks in Part to On Site Energy Co., Inc. & Its Electric Heaters

On Site Energy Co., Inc., together with AirPac, Inc. was asked to provide temporary heating solutions for the many tents that will be erected for this, the 56th inauguration ceremony. On Site Energy Co., Inc. will provide in excess of 11 million BTU’s of electric heat. - January 18, 2009

"Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk" Selects on Site Energy Co., Inc. to Supply Power Along the Heroic Path That Firefighter Stephen Siller Took on 9/11

On Site Energy Co., Inc. was selected to supply power along the path for the thousands who attend the annual “Tunnel to Towers Run/Walk” event in honor of Firefighter Stephen Siller, his 342 FDNY brothers, and all those lost on 9/11. - October 08, 2008

Marc Jacobs Keeps It "Green for Spring ‘09" with Power from on Site Energy Co., Inc. During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the New York State Armory

On Site Energy Co., Inc. (OSEC) provided “green power” at the NYS Armory, while Marc Jacobs debuted his Spring 2009 collection during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. As model after model walked the runway like a parade of American Girl dolls, On Site Energy Co., Inc. kept the power running with 500 kW generator rentals, so that celebrities attending could enjoy the fashion show. - September 20, 2008

On Site Energy Co., Inc. (OSEC) Releases the "Snorkel Series" (S-Series) a Self Powered Rental Air-Conditioning/Distribution Package

On Site Energy Co., Inc., has tested their innovative “Snorkel Series” (S-Series) at high profile customers such as The Home Depot, which utilized the system for vendor displays in parking lot tents, and the event planners have said the system costs them a third of what they had been previously paying for similar equipment. - August 02, 2008

On Site Energy Company is Selected for the Fifth Consecutive Year to Provide Power for the Commerce Bank Championship

On Site Energy Company is Selected for the Fifth Consecutive Year to Provide Power for the Commerce Bank Championship

On Site Energy Company (OSEC), the East Coast leading provider of power & temperature control will be providing power for The Commerce Bank Championship of 2008. The tournament will take place at the Red Course at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow, Long Island from June 23rd to June 30th. Michael... - June 21, 2008

Solar One Chooses on Site Energy Company (OSEC), to Power Revelry by the River 2008

Solar One Chooses on Site Energy Company (OSEC), to Power Revelry by the River 2008

Revelry by the River is Solar One’s annual fundraising gala held on June 5th 2008 that not only raises money for Solar One but seeks to honor those who are working to make New York City a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable place to live. - June 06, 2008

What Happens When You Combine the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair and NY Artist Alex Beard with on Site Energy Co? You Get BioEla, the 208 Volt Elephant

What Happens When You Combine the Tribeca Family Festival Street Fair and NY Artist Alex Beard with on Site Energy Co? You Get BioEla, the 208 Volt Elephant

In a behemoth effort to show their commitment to "going green" this year, the Tribeca Film Festival’s Family Street Fair challenged nature artist, writer and traveler, Alex Beard. The challenge was to create an arts and crafts activity that would incorporate one of the events'... - May 11, 2008

Two Brothers Ages 9 and 13 Create New Worldwide Symbol for Biodiesel

When Alex and Austin Gere were asked by their father to help create a universal symbol for Biodiesel they had no idea it would have Global consequences. Their father Joe Gere who heads up the “Green Initiatives” for New York based rental company On Site Energy Co convinced the company... - April 22, 2008

On Site Energy Company, the Northeast’s Leading Renter of Power and Temperature Control Equipment Brings Heat to Gucci/UNICEF Star Studded Fund Raiser at UN

While U.N. officials prepared for a star-studded fund-raiser on the north lawn of the United Nations campus sponsored by the singer Madonna and the high-fashion retailer Gucci, On Site Energy Co was busy behind the big tent preparing portable heating equipment should the night time temperatures drop below the unseasonable 72 degree weather. - February 22, 2008

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