Gerstein Global Futures Enhances Direct Access to Global Forex Markets via FXTrade 3.0 Version

In order to enhance its access to global Foreign exchange markets, Gerstein Global Futures has shifted into a new version of online Foreign exchange platform, the FXTrade 3.0 version.

Frankfurt, Germany, April 14, 2011 --( Gerstein Global Futures, a leading global brokerage trading service provider, will soon introduce the new trading platform specifically designed for Foreign exchange traders in the forthcoming 2011 Managed Futures Association Network Conference to test whether the system can accommodate thousands of Foreign Exchange traders every day.

The new FXTrade 3.0 version online trading platform is designed for professionals in the alternative investment industries to take part in the daily $3 trillion FX markets positions. Successful traders and investors who are registered members of the Managed Futures Association will examine the strength of the trading platform during the networking conference.

“In the past few years, we have witnessed that managed futures and other alternative entities that trade Foreign exchange as asset class have tremendously doubled as far as the daily trading volume is concerned. As the demand for Foreign exchange service has been increasing, we have offered trading solutions to these sectors with direct access and currency pairs employing a highly professional trade execution management system and new platform that streamlines and combines executable prices from principal liquidity providers worldwide,” said Mr. Darrell Burkhardt, Managing Director of Gerstein Global Futures Global Foreign Exchange Trading Services Department.

When it comes to functionalities and features, the new version of FXTrade 3.0 is able to support all types and models of Foreign exchange professional trading platforms, including private and branded trading solutions to Foreign exchange industry. The FXTrade 3.0 version provides global inter-institutional trading network, interaction and connectivity as well as connection to international principal liquidity sources with fund managers and financial institutions.

“Today that we have the highly developed Foreign exchange trading platform, with the full support of the global liquidity providers, we can now able to easily connect our clients to the Foreign exchange markets of their preference and directly trade with each other utilizing our privately acknowledged online Foreign exchange trading platform,” said Burkhardt.

Gerstein Global Futures
Luca Weber