Innovation Directâ„¢ Tabbed as Official Marketing Representative of Retractable Patio Assembly for an RV Invention

Miami, FL, April 15, 2011 --( A patented and innovative accessory for recreational vehicles that aims to make several aspects of its use more comfortable, the Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle, has been developed by David Kajdi and Randy C. Cardwell of Taylors, South Carolina. The invention’s unique design enables it to act as a stabilizing force for the normally uneven ground around a recreational vehicle and to also serve a multitude of other valuable purposes.

As designed by the inventors, the Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle has a platform member pivotally attached to a wall structure of the recreational vehicle it is a part of, and has the added convenience of being pivotable between its stored and its extended position. The product will feature adjustable vertical movement and a pair of adjustable supports at its front edge as well. In a design option envisioned by the inventors, the Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle will be storable under a recreational vehicle when not in use.

The Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle will also effectively prevent the vehicle’s occupants and visitors from tracking dirt, mud and debris from the area surrounding the vehicle, which is often wet and muddy, by acting as a barrier between the person’s shoes and the ground. Its stabilizing presence will allow outdoor cooking devices and furniture to be utilized around the exterior of the vehicle with ease, a convenience that is often denied because of the uneven ground that recreational vehicles often park on.

Additionally, due to these same conditions, individuals with physical handicaps and restrictions often find it difficult and dangerous to safely negotiate their way in and out of recreational vehicles. The Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle’s surface will serve as a formidable surface through which they may enter and exit the vehicle with much greater peace of mind, thereby providing them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoor surroundings that would otherwise be restricted to them.

The Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle will have the adaptability of being implemented in a number of different vehicles, such as motor homes, campers, mobile homes and fifth wheel recreational vehicles. Mr. Kajdi and Mr. Cardwell filed for a Utility Patent on their invention in June 2005 and were granted Utility Patent # 7,410,205 in August 2008. The inventors now seek a third party licensee to manufacture, market, and distribute the product for them under a royalty agreement.

In March 2011, Mr. Kajdi and Mr. Cardwell contracted Miami, Florida-based product management services leader Innovation Direct™ to represent the Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle to potential licensees for a 2 year period. Innovation Direct™ obtains the maximum amount of exposure for the products that it represents through participation in multiple and diverse industry-leading trade shows each year. Exhibits that Innovation Direct™ has attended in recent years include the SHOT Show, the International Home and Housewares Show, the National Hardware Show, Licensing International, the SEMA and AAPEX Shows and the ERA D2C Convention.

Potential licensees interested in obtaining more information about the Retractable Patio Assembly for a Recreational Vehicle and discussing licensing opportunities with respect to the product can contact the Manufacturer Response Department of Innovation Direct™ at (877) 991-0909 ext. 4285 or at

About Innovation Direct™: Miami, Florida-based Innovation Direct™ is in its 15th year as a leader in the field of new product licensing and intellectual property transfer.

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