Moving Pets Becoming Mainstream in the Relocation Industry

In the past three years the pet industry has grown to be even bigger than it already was on the Internet. Combine that with an already huge Relocation industry and we see why companies like are really becoming mainstream and common place on the Internet.

Port Jefferson Station, NY, March 01, 2007 --( As the industry grows on almost a daily basis it seems more than ever perspective movers are facing the reality of relocating with pets and the required documentation involved in doing so. Since September 11th the airlines and more importantly the TSA have enforced the importance of using a "Known Shipper."

A known shipper is a person that is considered to be of known status, known by the TSA. "Things have changed," said Anthony Denicker of

"Airlines want to know who they are dealing with which is why it is much easier for the consumer to let the professionals handle the relocation of pets and focus on their move at hand, knowing that the pets are safe with us."

It seems increasingly, that the airlines as a whole feel more comfortable dealing with a company that they have a history with and not to far down the road if it has not already arrived it will become more and more a service that is used much like a car or household mover, but because of the precious cargo involved much more personalized and sensitive type of service.

If you are looking to relocate and searching the web for different options, do not be surprised when you see services offering relocation for your pet, and always use an 'IPATA member if you choose to use a service like this for your pets transportation.'"

When you use a company that is an IPATA member you are reasured that you have hired a professional. The Internet can be a wonderful tool, it has endless capabilities, but of course much like anything else that is good it has another side. Using an IPATA member will help to avoid the endless scams running on the Internet.

AnimalsAway Pet Relocation is considered by many to be the World Wide leader in the Pet Shipping Industry.

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