AB-Zorb.400, LLC Announces the Release of Diamond AB-Zorb.400 a Super-Absorbent Baseball and Softball Field Drying Agent

Portland, OR, April 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Oregon based AB-Zorb.400, LLC announces the release of Diamond AB-Zorb.400, a break through in sports field maintenance. Diamond AB-Zorb.400 is a super baseball field-drying agent. This innovative product retains up to an amazing 400 times its weight in water and is far more cost effective than other field drying products.

Comparing Diamond AB-Zorb.400 to other field drying products currently available, field management staffs, coaches and Boards of Directors will find that Diamond AB-Zorb.400 is very cost effective. It also will last for up to 5-10 wet dry cycles on a ball field. Diamond AB-Zorb.400's use currently is simply as needed prior to game on all key areas of the field, such as the pitching mound, home base/catchers area, on deck circles and base paths.

Some of the other benefits include:
• All natural ingredients
• Non-toxic and nonhazardous
• Biodegradable
• Easy to apply
• Enhances all other field surface products being used.
• Optimizes playing conditions
• Promotes safer play
• Helps maintain dry field conditions
• Easy to store carry it in your equipment bag
• Help limit the amount of rainouts and rain delays
• Reduces watering cost and time
• More cost effective

Steve Sherman, CEO of AB-Zorb.400, LLC adds; “We are excited to introduce this baseball and softball field conditioner to leagues all across the country. The technology behind this product makes it a superior field-drying agent. Within just a few minutes of any rain delay, a field can go from rain out to play ball conditions and save a game or tournament from delays or postponement. Just think of all the scheduling conflicts that can be avoided with this product.”

The patented technology behind the product uses natural cornstarch as the main component in producing a super-absorbent polymer granule. Diamond AB-Zorb.400 is one of the most highly active super-absorbents available. It is capable of absorbing an amazing 400 times its weight in water. That means 1 lb of Diamond AB-Zorb.400 can absorb up to 40 gallons of water.

The technology behind Diamond AB-Zorb.400 is widely used globally as a soil additive to enhance water use efficiency in food production agricultural crops.

Several of the US’s largest grass seed companies use the technology as a coating on their grass seed to hold moisture close to the seed to enhance seed germination and seedling vigor. Many baseball fields and home lawns today use grass seed coated with the technology. Diamond AB-Zorb.400 is completely biodegradable over the time it is exposed to sunlight and soil microbial activity.

Mark Russell, AB-Zorb.400 VP of Sales and Product Development says: “Diamond AB-Zorb.400 will change field maintenance habits quickly. Once a field manager or coach has the opportunity to try Diamond AB-Zorb.400 they will see how far instant field drying technology has come in the last few years. Some of the old standard field drying products in baseball are based on old technology. Quicker drying times, less storage space required and a significant reduction in field drying costs make Diamond AB-Zorb.400 the easy choice. Baseball Tournament directors and coaches are instantly seeing the benefits of not having to postpone games and tournaments.”

Diamond AB-Zorb.400 is now available online at: www.abzorb400.com.

For more information, please contact Mark Russell at 855-862-2972. Or contact the company at: support@abzorb400.com, AB-Zorb.400 LLC, PO Box 55413, Portland OR, 97220

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Mark Russell