Vintage Sound with a New Gritty Shine: A Band's 4th Album

Crompond, NY, April 19, 2011 --( My Brothers Banned releases it's 4th album this week.

"Meet me in the Park" expands on their Beatle's and Byrd's reminiscent harmony laden songs with a grittier way.

'Meet me in the Park" retains My Brothers Banned's vocal melodic heart, with a mix of acoustic and electric instruments, as in previous releases "Banned Wagon" in 2010, "Everyone's Banned" in 2009 and "Come with me" in 2006. The songs "Angels on the Bus" and "Keep running" would be in complete keeping with their past jangly mood and fun temper. The title track "Meet me in the Park," "Reached Right out," and "Your Ghost" show a completely new edge. They feature biting guitar riffs and a more direct raw vocal presence. The songs still have a vintage feel, a British invasion period bright side, but with an energized catchy bite.

My Brothers Banned records all their albums in their own studios nestled in the woods just north of NYC. Greeting you at the door of "Off White Trash Records" Studio is their mascot and security system, Sky the xoloetscuintli. She is a elegant curious creature with smooth purplish skin and no hair. She will stand guard facing a room entrance or sleep at the feet of studio owner Lyle Puente.

If she dislikes a song she has a habit of leaving the room. The soul of an ancient aztec critic lies within her heart. Sky found her way as the cover of last year's single release "Katie Come Home."

Luckily, she seems to approve of all tracks on "Meet me in the Park."

"Meet me in the Park" is available Tuesday April 19th on itunes,, and most other digital outlets. The CD is available though and

Contact: Lyle Puente
PO box 438
Crompond, NY 10517
(914) 528 6658

My Brothers Banned
Lyle Puente
914 528 6658
"Meet me in the Park" CD cover

"Meet me in the Park" CD cover

"Meet me in the Park"