Vetra Systems Announces Intelligent USB Keyboard and Mouse Workstation Splitters

The USB-882-KM and USB-882-KM-KS intelligent USB workstation splitters-multiplexers from Vetra Systems allow two USB workstations controlled, intelligent access to one PC. Only one workstation at a time has access to the PC, thereby preventing unwanted input from the other workstation as might occur when all input devices have access to the PC.

Hauppauge, NY, April 21, 2011 --( Vetra Systems Corporation announced today two models of intelligent USB workstation splitters-multiplexers, the USB-882-KM and the USB-882-KM-KS. These new products connect two workstations to one PC. Each workstation may consist of one USB keyboard and one mouse, giving a PC access to a total of four devices. These unique products go beyond the functionality of USB hubs by automatically allowing only one workstation at a time to have access to the PC, thereby preventing unwanted input from the other workstation as might occur when all input devices have access to the PC. Vetra’s new USB workstation splitters effectively form an intelligent, switched USB hub. These products are available for immediate delivery.

On the USB-882-KM model, the first workstation to generate keyboard or mouse input "seizes" the PC and becomes the "active station." It remains "active" until no further keyboard or mouse input is detected for a period of five seconds, at which time it relinquishes control of the PC and the whole process starts again.

The USB-882-KM-KS model uses a two-position front panel key operated switch to select the active workstation, providing lockout/tagout. Input to the PC is limited to the selected workstation. The key can be removed in either position for security purposes.

The USB-882-KM "USB-Mux"™ family of USB Splitters/Multiplexers use Vetra's patented technology, including the unique TruReflekt™ USB device enumeration technology. The keyboard and mouse are not just emulated, as in most competitive products, but all special features that may be present in the keyboard and mouse are conveyed to the PC, and are available to the user during device operation. It also means that a workstation can consist of a variety of Human Interface Devices (HIDs), and is not limited to just keyboards and mice.

Vetra can modify these products on custom order basis to suit special applications.

The USB workstation splitters-multiplexers extend Vetra’s existing “MegaMux” ™ family of PS/2 workstation splitters-multiplexers by now offering USB workstation support.

Vetra’s workstation Splitters/Multiplexers are widely used in industrial control, point-of-sale, and instrumentation applications.

Additional details about the USB-882 USB Keyboard and Mouse Splitters/Multiplexers can be found at

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