The Stereo FM Transmitter that Covers Your Entire Home

Kalamazoo, MI, March 03, 2007 --( Most people in search of a Low Power FM Transmitter have come to the unfortunate discovery that the typical "off-the-shelf" FM Transmitter only goes a few feet -- at best. This frustrates most people since the whole purpose of broadcasting an audio source (Computer, iPod, Satellite Radio, etc.) is to give them the freedom to move away from that audio source and still be able to listen to it.

To overcome this hurdle most people had to either wire their entire home with a sound system that can cost several thousands of dollars or purchase a high power FM Transmitter, which can be expensive and most have to be built from a kit (via FCC regulations). This is why the thousands who use the Whole House FM Transmitter ( love it because they quickly learn that they can now listen to their choice of music or other audio throughout their entire home (or throughout their back yard too!) without wires or the need to assemble a kit.

This simple ability of customers having the power to listen to what they want to hear, when they want to hear it and wherever in their home now gives them a new joy in listening to their FM Radio. For example, as Kim Cooper in Ohio states:

"I bought an FM transmitter to transmit Coast-to-Coast am from the computer at night... We like to fall to sleep to this, especially if we awaken at 3am. But, we also want to quickly hit the sleep timer because we don't want it to play all night. My wife and I both have a radio on each side of the bed and keep them turned low. Well, the transmitter I had purchased was lucky to go 4 feet...

"The Whole House FM Transmitter however, has totally solved this problem. We transmit from our basement to our second story bedroom with no problem. During the day, now, I transmit oldies 108 all through the house and at night it is Coast-to-Coast. I can hear the music and voice in my car to the stop sign about 1/3 mile down the road. We are both enjoying this newfound feature and considering a 'second channel [FM Transmitter]'. Thank you!"

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Product Information: The Whole House FM Transmitter is a simple and easy to use FM Transmitter that allows customers to broadcast any audio source throughout their entire home. For example, they can broadcast: Computer, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, iPod and even their TV. Customers can listen on any FM Radio in their home or outside. The Whole House FM Transmitter can be powered four (4) different ways via a standard wall plug, Computer USB Port, Batteries and 12V Car adapter. This allows the ability to use it in almost any situation you may want or need.

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