Book About Bullying & School Shootings Getting Rave Reviews

Jeff Bennington has published a second novel, Reunion, a supernatural thriller. Officially released on April 1st, Reunion is published by Nexgate Press and is available at all online retailers and bookstores. Reunion (ISBN: 9780615450865) is a story about a group of kids who go through a school shooting and then reunite twenty years later in spite of their fears and personal struggles. It is a book about living with pain, surviving trauma and overcoming fear.

Indianapolis, IN, April 21, 2011 --( In a time when bullying and school shootings make daily news, Bennington addresses the ugly truth about what happens when the headlines are forgotten. One reviewer writes, "Reunion will cause you to cry, smile, hope, and cower under your blanket...all I can say is, this book is a masterpiece."

International Bestselling author, Joe Moore says, "Jeff Bennington cuts right to the heart of darkness and evil in Reunion. Don't plan on getting any sleep once you start reading."

Scott Nicholson, Bestselling author and Bram Stoker nominee writes, "Reunion tackles a controversial subject with dramatic insight and grace."

Jeff Bennington is the author of Killing the Giants, The Rumblin’ and will release his next supernatural thriller, Act of Vengeance in late 2011. He is the author of the blog, The Writing Bomb and will be on a 45-day blog tour, stopping at many highly rated book review blogs from April 1st through May 15th.

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