LongBall King Hammers the Competition

Denver, CO, March 02, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Who can hit a golf ball 100 yards longer then most PGA Tour Players?  When Jack Hamm approaches the tee, few are prepared for what they're about to see. The World's Longest Driver with 6 World Records, routinely soars his drives 400 yards!

The Days of the Round Shafts are over!

Jack Hamm Pres. of X-Factor Sports now has invented the 1st shaped golf shaft and shaped golf head that could revoluntionize golf technology.  This is the most radical change in golf since it went from wood to metal heads.

The 1st shaped golf shaft is flat like a sword and it tears thru air like a knife.

Hamm has also created the 1st shaped golf head to go with the shaped shaft.  Shapped like an aircraft wing this head accelerates itself on the downswing, all by itself.

With the Advance Technology of the Shaped Shaft And Shaped Head, the club has to go faster thru the air and as Hamm says, "If you can make the club go faster thru the air, the farther the ball goes period."

Every golfer is going to want to try this new Shaped Golf Technology from X-Factor Sports.  This technology is worth an easy 20 yards.  Some golfers have reported up to 50 more yards.  Even Jack's toll free number is long 888-550-Long. 

X-Factor Direct
Jim Sentz