Hypnotic Therapeutics Recently Launches Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis; Proven Safer and More Effective Than Lap-Band® Surgery

The Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy is offered in the US and exclusively through Hypnotic Therapeutics. In recent years, Lap-Band® surgery has become popular. A viable alternative, Gastric Band Hypnosis or Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is increasingly popular in the UK. Now, based on the very same popular and successful European approach to weight loss is offered in the U.S.

Barrington, IL, April 25, 2011 --(PR.com)-- In the UK, Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy has proven to be 90% effective while the traditional Lap-Band® surgery has demonstrated 70% effective in terms of weight reduction (Reference Sources provided below).

Bariatric surgery, also known as weight loss surgery, involves a variety of surgical procedures performed for those who are overweight. By reducing the size of the stomach with an implanted medical device, for those who undergo this surgical procedure usually achieve a reduction in their weight. The results quite often include a drastic reduction in weight.

By using hypnotic techniques such as suggestion and visualization, a qualified Hypnotherapist is able to reproduce all the physical benefits of Lap-Band® surgery just as the person had really been through the actual surgical procedure.

After your Virtual Gastric Lap Band® session you will experience and feel as though you have undergone the actual operation, though this will have been accomplished without any of the pain, discomfort or health risks associated with surgical intervention.

Once you have experienced the Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy you will find that you can comfortably eat smaller meals and smaller portions of food, and you will find that larger meals will be uncomfortable for you to finish; which is the same experience that people who have been through the Lap Band® surgical procedure report. In addition, if you ignore the subconscious message that tells you that you have had enough to eat, you may notice discomfort or even possibly feel sick to your stomach. Those who continue to ignore the feeling of being full may find that they actually do get sick. With Hypnotherapy we are able to tap into this phenomenon by using the power of the unconscious mind which can cause strong physical and biological reactions.

Since the memories of the operation remain with you, you are always aware of the reduced size of your stomach, and this will provide a dramatic impact on your eating habits. The entire Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy experience is realistic and very effective, while it is also painless and extremely relaxing.

Research has shown that that Virtual Gastric Band operations using Hypnotherapy are actually as successful, and often more successful, than the real surgical procedure. Even more appealing is the added bonus that there are no medical complications, drugs or side effects and anesthesia is not required.

The Lap-Band® surgery involves fitting a band around part of the stomach which creates a pouch in the upper portion of the stomach, which slows the passage of food and restricts the amount the stomach can hold. The Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy simulates this procedure and offers all of the benefits for a much lower cost and without any of the risks associated with the invasive surgical procedure.

In order for this procedure to be most effective it is important to return for regular follow up visits which may include adjusting the band to slow down or enhance the weight loss of the client. During these follow up sessions, suggestions will be re-enforced and enhanced in order to provide additional effectiveness.

Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy, also known as the Hypnotic or Virtual Gastric Band in Europe, has been performed for years in the UK. Increasingly, it has become the procedure of choice; mainly due to challenges there that prevent many people from qualifying for the more traditional and costly surgical procedure. Now available in the US, and exclusively through Hypnotic Therapeutics, the Virtual Gastric Lap Band® is becoming extremely popular with those who would like to reduce their weight, but are reluctant to undergo an invasive surgical procedure such as the Lap-Band®, Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Bypass.

The added benefit of Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy is that the client also has the benefit of hypnotic suggestions in terms of emotional challenges related to reducing their weight. In order to assist them in achieving their goals, the Hypnotherapist provides nurturing support to the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the client. This provides relief from the emotional and mental challenges that many people who have undergone the physical surgery experience after their drastic reduction in weight.

Lap-Band® is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.

Virtual Gastric Lap Band® Hypnotherapy is a registered trademark of David A. Blender and Hypnotic Therapeutics.

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