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Wild Heart Ranch’s Children’s Books Teach Children about Endangered Wildlife and Protecting the Environment

Point Roberts, WA, March 02, 2007 --( Wild Heart Ranch Inc., a children's toy and publishing company promotes education and awareness to future generations of children about the need for environmental protection and preventing additional wildlife vanishing in our midst. As thousands of species are expected to disappear over the next 30 years, Wild Heart Ranch makes strides in efforts to save the fate of Wild Bactrian camels, seahorses, wild horses and endangered animals in general.

“As I look back fondly on my childhood listening to my father softly reading me Burgess Book bedtime stories, it is a goal for our company to save future generations of children hearing, ‘Once upon a time there was a seahorse…’ when they are no longer in existence. Our stories may focus on a few species we hold a special fondness for, but our site encourages children to become educated and take action in regard to all endangered animals,” commented founder Dawn Van Zant.

From the critically endangered wild Bactrian camels in the Gobi facing new danger of mining in their environment, to seahorses facing extinction to over trading, to wild horses battling for freedom, “Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop”, “I Sea Horses; from Sea to Sky” and “The No More Night Mares; A Dream of Freedom” help empower children to help make a difference in the world.

As Global warming and environmental protection issues rise to an all-time high in awareness, it has become apparent that teaching a “Go Green” attitude is paramount to safeguard the continued existence of the environment. Wild Heart Ranch’s lines of children’s books, Monthly “Kids Club Contest” rewarding action and deeds, the endangered animal news section and other content are designed to contribute to the global campaign.


Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop Written by Dawn Van Zant Illustrated by Alexander Levitas. The magical bedtime lines of children's non violent toys and books “Bradford and the Journey to the Desert of Lop” produced by Wild Heart Ranch empowers children with cancer and brings awareness to the endangered wild Bactrian camel. Supporting awareness for the Wild Camel Protection Foundation at

I Sea Horses Children's Picture Book Written by: Dawn Van Zant Illustrated by: Callan Van Zant. A magical marine adventure about a herd of wild horses that transforms into seahorses. Supporting awareness for seahorse conservation and Project Seahorse

The No More Night Mares… A Dream of FreedomISBN: 0-9761768-1-5 Written by: Dawn Van Zant Illustrated by: Kim McElroy. Meet Eclipse the black stallion and his brave mares: Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars. Horse people will love this mythical wild herd of mares destined to light up the night sky. The book promotes awareness on wild horse conservation efforts and lists several organizations making great efforts to save wild horsesBook reviews:

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About Wild Heart Ranch:,, Wild Heart Ranch, Inc. is a publishing, entertainment and toy company that creates and licenses non-violent toys and products based on original ideas, stories, and characters. The 'Lucky Stars Collection', 'The No More Night Mares', 'I Sea Horses' & 'Desert of Lop' brands are all properties of Wild Heart Ranch.

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