SmartPower Energy Drink Disclaims Weight Loss Properties

San Francisco, CA, March 02, 2007 --( While other companies are clamoring to prove that their drinks contain “negative calories”, San Francisco Bay Area based Smart Energy Enterprises made a public statement today that despite reports from consumers of increased metabolism, decreased appetite, and effortless weight-loss they make no official claims that SmartPower Energy Drinks are a weight loss aid.

“While we are excited for consumers who have reported losing weight after beginning to drink our SmartPower Energy Drinks, we have not done sufficient research to make it an official claim of our product. Although it is great news, the focus of our drink is that it feels better and gives you a higher quality energy drink experience, and we don’t want to dilute our message,” said Mark Michael Lewis, the CEO of Smart Energy Enterprises. “That said we are not necessarily surprised to hear this feedback since our formula does contains rations of ingredients that are correlated with weight-loss. It is simply premature for us to stand behind such claims and we will need to investigate things further.”

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Smart Energy Enterprises Inc.
Eleanor Reinholdt