SmartPower Fuels the WCF Charity Softball Tournament

Earlier this month, Smart Energy Enterprises hit a home run for the kids. The company participated in the eighteenth annual Worker’s Children’s Fund charity softball tournament, donating fifty percent of their profits to the charity as well as several cases of drinks to the tournament... - May 23, 2007

SmartPower in Over 50 Stores in the San Francisco Bay Area

SmartPower™ energy drinks continue to blanket the Bay Area, with new stores continuing to steadily come on board. Considering that SmartPower™ energy drinks were only introduced in January of 2007, the makers of the product are thrilled with the reception it is receiving locally, as... - May 20, 2007

Get Smart. Don’t Get Wasted, Get Nuclear Wasted

As high school seniors around the country gear up to graduate, so does the high school party season, and Mom’s and Dad’s anxiety level. Schools, non-profit groups, and parents alike try to find new ways to help prevent teens from engaging in underage drinking, and the possibility of... - May 18, 2007

Earth Day Kicks Off ‘Raise Your Awareness’ Campaign

Smart Energy Enterprises is kick starting their ‘Raise Your Awareness’ campaign on Earth Day. In addition to events they are also sponsoring an online community forum for people to reconvene. The forum covers topic from Nuclear Power, 401(k)s, to same sex marriage. The difference? Unlike most forums, there is no agenda, no pressure to conform to a particular side; instead it is an inspiring attempt to create common ground. - April 22, 2007

A Nuclear Waste “Site” Found in San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury District

A new Nuclear Waste “Site” has opened at Frank's Haight and Cole liquors the historic Haight Ashbury district in San Francisco. The liquor store is one of a dozen or so outlets in San Francisco to carry Nuclear Waste Antidote™, a new kind of “smart” energy drink that exploded onto the market in January 2007 as part of Smart Energy Enterprises's provocative Raise Your Nuclear Awareness campaign. - April 21, 2007

Yuri’s Night “Gets Smart”

Smart Energy Enterprises, the world innovator of “smart” energy drinks, will be introducing their biochemical breakthrough product SmartPower™ Energy Drinks to San Francisco's Yuri's Night revelers. - April 14, 2007

Will NASA Send Nuclear Waste Into Space?

CEO of Smart Energy Enterprises sends "smart energy drink" Nuclear Waste Antidote™ to NASA. - March 28, 2007

New Category of “Smart” Energy Drinks Poised to Revolutionize the Market

Instead of using the normal testosterone oriented branding focusing on the quantity of energy their drink provides, these smart energy drinks focus on the quality of energy they provide. - March 06, 2007

SmartPower Energy Drink Disclaims Weight Loss Properties

While other companies are clamoring to prove that their drinks contain “negative calories”, San Francisco Bay Area based Smart Energy Enterprises made a public statement today that despite reports from consumers of increased metabolism, decreased appetite, and effortless weight-loss... - March 02, 2007

Breakthrough in Energy Drinks BioTechnology Removes Caffeine's Side Effects

Amid increasing concerns about the high-levels of caffeine in the 4 billion dollar market of “energy drinks,” Smart Energy Enterprises Inc. announced the release of a pair of new “SmartPower” energy drinks with special ingredients that change the way the central nervous... - March 02, 2007

Dozens of Containers of Nuclear Waste Found Washed Ashore in San Francisco Bay

Pictures published on this week show dozens of containers of “Nuclear Waste” washed ashore in the San Francisco Bay. However, these containers were not 55-gallon oil drums filled with toxic remnants from nuclear reactors, but 16-ounce aluminum cans filled... - March 01, 2007

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