Announces New Client, John R. Garland and His "Endor The Wizard" Trilogy is pleased to announce the promotion of John R. Garland's Endor The Wizard Trilogy. The books included in the trilogy include Endor The Wizard, Endor's Adventures, and Endor: The Final Chapter. Garland currently lives in North Carolina.

Atlanta, GA, April 22, 2011 --( Follow John R. Garland’s Wizardly Tale In The Endor The Wizard Trilogy.

The Endor the Wizard Trilogy is a delightful tale of a wizard and his two companions, TK the owl and BW the mouse, as they travel the countryside to help people solve problems and battle the evil lord Gundermire. The good people of Greysmire live in harmony with their surroundings and work together to build a life worth living. They are in constant battle with the people of Crindeland who are governed by the evil lord Gundermire. Endor must do what he can to help his people overcome their problems and fight off the evil influences thrown at them. He will win the hearts of both old and young with his charming wit and cunning use of the elements. Only the bad guys need fear him.

The trilogy starts out with Endor The Wizard, then Endor’s Adventures and finally Endor: The Final Chapter, which is yet to be published.

Endor the Wizard shows the beginning of our hero's adventure. It lays out the foundations of the inner workings of Greysmire and its people. Endor shows his true colors as the head wizard in a land where problems are simply an opportunity to use his craft to do good for the sake of others. Troubles lurk all over, but our heroes know what to do.

Endor's Adventures takes our heroes to the neighboring country of Dame. They too are being troubled by the evil lord Gundermire. They must join forces together in order to battle the might of Gundermire's armies and defeat that wicked soul. Endor must learn what he can about the people and their head wizard if they are to be successful. When war brakes out they must be ready.

Endor: The Final Chapter takes us in the heart of war with Crindeland and the open confrontation with Lord Gundermire. Through the harshness of battle Endor still finds ways to bring about his good nature upon all those who need him. He and Erg, Dame's head wizard, must find a way to confront Gundermire on his own grounds and in his own castle guarded by huge dragons. It will take working together and using everything they have to defeat this most wicked of all creatures. Expect the unexpected.

Book Information:
Endor the Wizard
Author: John R Garland
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN: 9780557275564
Pages: 143
Published: January 2010
Endor's Adventures
Author: John R Garland
Publisher: Lulu
ISBN: 978-1257065578
Pages: 180
Published: January 2011

About The Author
Born in Norfolk, Va. on September 30, 1953, Mr. Garland went to Norview High School until February of 1972 when he joined the Army and graduated with a GED. In March of 1975 Mr Garland was medically retired from the Army and traveled extensively across the US living in 11 states and visiting all but Maine and Alaska. In and out of VA medical centers, Mr. Garland finally went to Holyoke Community College and earned an AA in English literature in June of 1991. His constant need for travel led him to finally settle down in the mountains of North Carolina. Throughout the years Mr. Garland was published in several anthologies and newspapers across the country. His poetry was his first love until he joined a writer/artist forum called Redbubble. There he wrote and posted many more poetry and short stories. Inspired by other writers and artists he started to write stories of a wizard accompanied by two friends - an owl and a mouse. There he was greatly encouraged to compile and expand his stories into a book, "Endor the Wizard." That book developed into a second book, "Endor's Adventures," with a third and final book in the series, "Endor: The Final Chapter." He plans on writing many more books in the years to come which will explore the many facets of his character. His stories will delight the hearts of both young and old for generations to come.

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