4PSA Provides Unified Communications to Academic Institutions

Orlando, FL, April 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- 4PSA, a leading-edge Cloud Computing software development company has announced today the availability of an all new licensing program for its award-winning Unified Communications solution, VoipNow Professional. The brand new Academic Licensing plan was designed to help educational institutions replace their legacy communication methods with Unified Communications.

All types of cultural and educational organizations such as schools, universities, museums, libraries etc. can increase their efficiency and enhance their communication processes with VoipNow. "Unified Communications plays an essential role within the academic environment because it lowers the organization investments while saving time and effort. Regardless of how large the institution is, the benefits are the same for both tens of users and thousands of them," said Elena Carstoiu, 4PSA's VP of Sales and Marketing.

For example, in a university using a Unified Communications system, students can collaborate seamlessly and share information through voice, video, presence, and instant messaging. On the other hand, the administration staff is most likely to also use legacy communication options such as computer-integrated faxing. "VoipNow blends perfectly with the existing IT infrastructure allowing users to utilize their mobile phones or soft phones; as a result, the academic institution will no longer need to invest in purchasing additional hardware. From the provisioning perspective, assigning an UC extension to a new student is as easy as offering an email address and can be done automatically via the student provisioning system," Ms. Carstoiu also noted.

At the same time, through 4PSA's Non-profit Licensing program 4PSA provides free academic licenses for classroom-learning purposes. Furthermore, 4PSA offers free perpetual licensing to charities, non-profits, open-source projects and communities, as well as all organizations that work to make the world a better place without gaining profit. The special Academic Licensing is subject to approval by 4PSA. Organizations interested in submitting an application can find more details at http://www.4psa.com/vnlicensing/academic/.

VoipNow Professional, the winner of 2010 Internet Telephony Product of the Year Award and Unified Communications Magazine's 2010 Product of the Year Award, is a flexible, high-performance solution designed to deliver Unified Communications to companies of all sizes.

About 4PSA

4PSA® is a leading innovative software development company, specialized in applications that run on computer clouds. The company provides, under the 4PSA® brand, solutions that help service providers and enterprises better manage their IT infrastructure, automate processes, and deliver improved communication services.

The 4PSA flagship solution is VoipNow® Platform, a suite of software applications designed to accelerate Unified Communications adoption by businesses and end-users. The products are built around cloud computing and provide unrivaled performance with the most comprehensive features, massive scalability, and the ultimate in automation. With the Green Commitment program, the company optimizes the use of power resources and helps organizations reduce carbon emissions. 4PSA is ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certified by TÜV CERT.

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Iohana Georgescu