Miami Advertising Group is Marketing to the Masses

Hollywood, FL, April 22, 2011 --( Miami Advertising Group is marketing to the masses thru their "Loyalty Card Promotions" again this summer. By situating themselves throughout the neighborhood, within businesses and at wholesale stores, they are once again driving customers to baseball stadiums, restaurants, and golf courses across the country.

"When customers buy a loyalty card from our sales rep, they start to frequent the client we are promoting. This leads to multiple visits and eventually they become a regular. This is why our clients love what we do. We drive in foot traffic to their movie theaters, stadiums, and golf courses, and once there, they enjoy the experience enough to want to keep coming back," exclaims Carl Foss. Carl goes on to explain, "Customers are also winners because they love the promotion's incredible value and premium look. Each promotion we do is designed to be extremely customer-friendly. $20 gets you 10 free movie passes or tickets; things like that."

MAG's marketing strategy now includes holding events at hospitals, schools, and business parks where they can promote and sell their loyalty cards to deserving employees, hard-working teachers, and staff. "We offer a means of promoting local products and services to keep generated profits within the community," says Carl Foss. "The program's objective has always been to assist and support area businesses by holding events and fundraisers they likely would not have had the time or resources to coordinate on their own."

With an ever-expanding portfolio and a system in place to continue to handle the growth, this small firm headquartered at 4651 Sheridan St Suite 301 Hollywood, FL 33021 will be making a lot of customers and clients happy to be along for the ride.

Miami Advertising Group
Isis Reid