Solar Maid Launches the New 38/48 Panel Scrubber

The Solar Maid Company has just released the new Solar Maid Water Feed 38/48 Panel Scrubber. The first tool designed specific for labor cost reductions within the solar O&M market.

San Francisco, CA, April 23, 2011 --( After 2 years of design and product testing, the Solar Maid Company has just released the long awaited Water Feed 38/48 Panel Scrubber. This piece of equipment is the first product ever designed specifically for the purpose of reducing labor cost for typical solar panel cleaning.

Solar O&M and panel washing has became an entirely new market within the solar industry and while many companies offer string testing, inverter maintenance and other technical O&M services, only Solar Maid has created a network of contractors in over 40 offices worldwide that service the janitorial O&M services like panel washing, security, landscaping and facility management.

“Solar Maid is engineering several different tools specific to the solar panel cleaning industry to help reduce labor cost, which is something everyone is looking for, the Solar Maid 38/48 is the first product in a long line of panel cleaning tools we will be bring to market in the next couple of years,” said Jay A. Welsh, the General Manager at Solar Maid.

There is no longer a question concerning the need for washing solar panels and every solar project development company in the world includes long term O&M services into their asset forecasts. Because this type of service for high value assets require contractors with specialized skill sets, O&M cost can reach anywhere between 2% - 5% of system revenue, so system managers are always looking for ways to reduce costs. Based on these factors, a 30% reduction of labor cost for panel cleaning will make a significant impact.

“The Solar Maid 38/48 will be available to the general public and solar companies that still keep panel cleaning services in-house, but the second generation tools with even higher cost reductions will remain exclusive to Solar Maid and its operators. We know that these tools alone will make Solar Maid the most competitive solar panel washing company worldwide, because it will be standard equipment for every Solar Maid operator. Solar Maid is more than just the first and largest solar panel cleaning service, company we also develop, manufacture and sell industry specific tools and equipment. Every industry has a leader and Solar Maid has captured and built the strongest brand in this market segment,” said Jay A. Welsh.

Mechanical and robotic cleaning tools designed for this industry have proved themselves costly and far less affective than promised, so removing the human factor from the equation does not seem to be a viable option. So companies designing equipment that includes the human element will be the winners in the long term.

The Solar Maid Company
Jay Welsh