Young Filmmaker to Screen Film at Seattle True Independent Film Festival

Seattle, WA, April 25, 2011 --( A Father's Gift, a short film by award winning teenage filmmaker Bunee Tomlinson of Edmond, Oklahoma, will debut in the Seattle True Independent Film Festival in Seattle on Friday, June 10. The showing will be at 7:00 PM at the Northwest Film Forum.

The film centers around a young mother who, after the tragic death of her husband, views some recently taken photos which lead her back to the old station, the scene of another family tragedy many years earlier. Stars in the film are Jami Harris, Kyle Penington, Normanda Kay and Zach McGee. Tomlinson produced and directed the film which was shot at numerous locations in Jones, Edmond, Norman and at the old railroad station in Blackwell, Oklahoma.

In addition to A Father's Gift, Tomlinson also edited the award winning OSAI film, Highway 9, which will be screening at the festival as well.

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Under the instruction of professional filmmakers Blayne Weaver, Beau Leland, and Al Novey, a short suspense film was created by 4 film students at the 2010 Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute titled Highway 9. The short film was in pre-production for a few days, shot in 2, and edited in about 4. Actors Leslie Hippensteel and Jason Wilkinson were hired to be in the film.

One student was Parke Metzer, a 17-year-old from Edmond who directed the film. Another was Kristella Sallee, a 17-year-old from Oklahoma City who wrote the screenplay. Bunee Tomlinson, a 17-year-old from Edmond, did sound and edited the film. Dane Schoelen, a 15-year-old from Norman, did the cinematography. The film program liaisons/experienced film students who helped out with the film were Caitlin Clements and Grace Fredrickson.

The film centers around Hippensteel’s character, whose car runs out of gas on the highway. She hears a news story about several kidnappings occurring in the area, and she is nervous about the breakdown and isolation. After a mysterious man appears, who gives her his questionable hand in safety, she becomes increasingly nervous as the situation unfolds in a shattering climax.

After a standing ovation from students at the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute and winner of Best Oklahoma High School Film in the 2011 Trail Dance Film Festival.

Highway 9 has been accepted into the short film category of the 2011 National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) as well as the adult short film category of the 2011 Hill Country Film Festival. The film has been entered in other 2011 film festivals as well, and the film students are eagerly awaiting their responses.

The kindness of Oklahoma donors to the institute, the ambition and perseverance of the staff of the institute, the experience and knowledge of Weaver, Leland, and Novey, and the assistance of Clements and Fredrickson made the film possible and motivated the 4 film students to get an insight on the film industry and have their own limelight.

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