How to Properly Measure and Analyze Temperature Within Electronic Systems - Free Webinar, April 28

This ATS webinar explains temperature measurement in electronic systems. It reviews the essential instruments and the best locations for testing to be conducted. It explains how to analyze temperature data as part of a complete thermal analysis.

Norwood, MA, April 27, 2011 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc, ATS, will present a free technical engineering webinar “How to Properly Measure and Analyze Temperature within Electronic Systems” on Thursday, April 28. Both English and Mandarin versions of the webinar will be provided.

Electronic systems face numerous threats from excess heat. Among the causes are high operating temperatures, crowded-packaging conditions, increased power and harsh environments. Potential problems include part and system malfunctions, shortened component life, and even fire-related issues.

Temperature measurements provide critical data to monitor and resolve excess heat problems. This webinar will improve an engineer’s understanding of thermal measurements and their importance in electronics cooling. It reviews thermal measurement concepts and provides practical examples. The program includes determining the best method for analyzing thermal problems, equipment resources and proper use, developing practical solutions, and procedures for error analysis to ensure accurate results.

Presented live on Thursday, April 28, this free webinar will be given in English at 2:00 p.m. EST and in Mandarin at 9:00 a.m. CST (Chinese Standard Time). Conducting the English webinar is by Dr. Kaveh Azar, President of ATS. The Mandarin language version will be presented by Dr. Ning Lei, ATS research engineer.

To register for either the English or Mandarin version of the ATS webinar “How to Properly Measure and Analyze Temperature within Electronic Systems” visit

Throughout 2011, ATS is presenting a series thermal management webinars for engineers, designers and program managers with an interest in electronics cooling. Each of the one-hour tutorials includes detailed visuals and real time narration by an ATS thermal management expert. Viewers will be able to key in questions during and after the presentation.

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Andrea Koss