Yottapp Launched Craving Buster - an Innovative Android App to Help Counter Cigarette Cravings

New York, NY, April 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Yottapp announced today the launch of its innovative Android app, Craving Buster, to help smokers kill their cravings instantly.

Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of preventable morbidity and mortality. Every year, there are about 5 million deaths attributable to tobacco use. Yet, in the United States, one in every five adults are current cigarette smokers. Craving Buster is the first app that helps smokers countering cravings forcefully at the very moment they arise. Graphical images of health consequences kill the appetite for smoking instantly, while practical advices lead smokers to take immediate actions to divert their attention.

The app was developed based on an insight that smoking addiction is irrational yet extremely powerful. Therefore, statistics, facts and advice will not be enough.

Craving Buster deals with various aspects of addiction: from graphical images and action-packed advices to deal with instant cravings, to nicotine replacement reminder and interactive tracking tools to prevent relapses, to personalized health progress review during quitting period, as well as useful facts and advices for healthier lifestyle.

"I first came up with the idea of using graphical image to counter smoking cravings fifteen years ago when I saw a picture of a cancer lung caused by smoking. I kept that picture in my wallet. It helped me quit and stay quit," said Andy Nguyen, a Yottapp co-founder. "Thanks to the mobile revolution, we now can take an offensive position and target those cravings with full force. Shocking images, interactive graphic tracking tools, treatment reminders, motivational words are all utilized. We are excited to bring this app to Android users and we hope that it will make every quitter a winner."

Pricing & Availability
Craving Buster is currently available on Google Android Market and Amazon AppStore for an introductory price of $.99. A 7-day trial version is also available.

About Yottapp
Yottapp is a New York-based startup specializing in innovative applications for Android and iPhone OS. For more information about Yottapp, contact Hannah Le at hle@yottapp.com

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