Gerstein Global Futures Commences Fully Electronic Euro Interest Rate Swaps Trading

Gerstein Global Futures, a global leading commodity brokerage company that offers trading services through wide-range of asset classes, is pleased to inform its current clients and potential clients that starting today the first and fully electronic Euro Interest Rate Swap Transactions can now be available along with the integrated voice and online execution trading platform.

Frankfurt, Germany, April 27, 2011 --( Gerstein Global Futures Interest Rate Swap functionality is an expansion of the firm’s proprietary and mixture of technologically enhanced platform, which has been installed and effectively used in a wide-array of products across commodities, foreign exchange, equities, credits and interest rates. Gerstein Global Futures clients Interest Rate Swap platform integrates the well-known foreign exchange online trading platform that features auction-type functionality which allows clients to deal with wide-ranging products fully electronically.

“The addition of our full electronic Euro Interest Rate Swaps is a significant action in our efforts of providing constant trading strategies to support our strong and unequal trading infrastructures,” said Karl Cullen, CEO and Senior Managing Director of Gerstein Global Futures. “Over the past years, numerous trading desks proffering fully electronic services to our active clients, particularly on foreign exchange trading service have more than doubled.”

“As the fully electronic trading service to interest rate swaps is significantly increasing, we are also promoting our clients compliance capabilities with regulatory and supervisory requirements as an additional purpose for Gerstein Global Futures to provide fully electronic Euro Interest Rate Swaps trading today. The execution of trades is one of our major concerns from offering a suite of technological capabilities of our platforms. In addition, we are also proud of our pre- trade and post-trade transparency, precision, distribution into principal counterparties and the ability to route business contract data into trade depositories,” added Cullen.

According to Mr. Marco Buckingham, the Managing Director of Interest Rates Products, “The Gerstein Global Futures internationally recognized proprietary trading platform and other technologies enhance our present hybrid voice services, boost our single, inherent liquidity pool for Euro Interest Rate Swaps. Focusing more on the needs of our clients, we have developed a crossbreed of trading platform that helped us strengthen our transparency and competence in the Euro Interest Rate Swap markets. By providing our clients an option between brokerage-managed execution or fully electronic trading execution service, we are at the same time offering them the flexibility to trade based on their trading capacity, trading styles, experience, knowledge and preference.”

Gerstein Global Futures
Luca Weber