NPSA Survey Reveals Top 10 Uses for Portable Storage

Disaster recovery, mobile on-site offices and controlled record storage emerge as some of the most popular uses for these economical containers.

Kansas City, MO, March 04, 2007 --( As the list of possible uses for portable storage continues to grow, the National Portable Storage Association, or NPSA, has conducted an informal study among its members to drum up a top 10 list uniquely its own. The “Ten Top Uses for Portable Storage” offers insights into the most popular uses for portable storage today.

“There are dozens of uses for portable storage, but we have defined some of the most popular ways businesses and consumers are putting these containers to work,” said John Finnessy, CMP, Executive Director of the NPSA, a nonprofit membership association dedicated to the advancement of the portable storage industry. “Whether industry-specific or general uses, these containers are solving a myriad of storage challenges for people nationwide.”

Here are 10 top uses for portable storage:

1. Disaster Recovery
With a number of catastrophic weather events in recent years, disaster recovery has become a common use for portable storage. Indeed, portable storage has come to the rescue on the Gulf Coast and beyond and continues to provide a safe haven for records, construction supplies and other items that need long-term storage in the wake of calamity.

2. Seasonal and Holiday Inventory
Retailers and others who hit seasonal inventory peaks are driving the use of portable storage to new heights. On-site portable storage offers merchants convenient access to inventory for fast replenishment during busy months.

3. Construction Site Tools & Supplies
The boom in construction is pushing portable storage growth. Construction companies are using portable storage for temporary offices, complete with air conditioning, as well as a safe storage outlet for expensive tools. Secured portable storage is reducing the risk of equipment theft on construction sites across the nation.

4. Moving
No one likes to move, but it’s much less stressful when you can load up a portable storage container right outside your door – at your leisure. People who are moving are turning to portable storage more and more to ease the burden of what was traditionally a rushed event.

5. Agricultural and Forestry
Companies in states with agricultural interests are finding a fruitful friend in portable storage. Agricultural companies, forestry and landscape businesses can store equipment, machinery, and supplies in portable storage to keep them cool and dry all year round.  These industries can also utilize portable storage as temporary office space.

6. Rapid Warehouse Expansion
Growing too fast can cause negative business repercussions, especially for companies that depend on warehouse space to keep operations rolling. Rather than forfeit opportunities or lease additional warehouse space prematurely, companies that are experiencing growing pains are seeking portable storage as a near-term solution.

7. Controlled Record Storage
With multiple laws that mandate companies to keep a paper trail for years on end, controlled record storage is a hot topic these days. Storing mountains of paper work in high rent offices can be cost prohibitive, but portable storage can offer a secure environment for long-term document storage at a fraction of the cost.

8. Secure Supply Depot
Companies like Neiman Marcus, Target and The Home Depot are taking steps to improve their supply chain security to ensure against unmanifested material being introduced into the supply chain, as well as the physical security of the goods. Containerization is an important step in the process.

9. Overstock Inventory
What comes up must come down. Merchants who are flooded with orders during the high sales season may find a merchandise overstock in the low season. Portable storage is bridging the gap between the highs and the lows as venue for storing overstock inventory until the next peak hits.

10. Mobile On-Site Office
Construction sites aren’t the only industry that uses portable storage as a mobile, on-site office. Real estate developers, medical facilities, agricultural companies, and many others are finding that portable storage offers a quick answer to temporary space problems. With electrical capabilities that make way for office equipment and air conditioning, portable storage is a viable option for many who need mobile space.

“The name portable storage implies convenience,” says NPSA Operations Manager Joel Rathbone. “These containers are finding many uses because they are easy to secure and modify, as well as weatherproof, and economical to rent, lease or buy. There are literally tens of thousands of  these containers at use around the country.”

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