JoJo's Dream Cart Kids TV Series Debuts on Hi Tops TV4U.Com Broadband Channel

Henderson, NV, March 04, 2007 --( JoJo's Dream Cart, a new interactive, motivational kids TV show for ages 5 to 10,  has debuted on Hi Tops TV4U.Com, a kids broadband channel on the 21 channel TV4U.Com broadband network. The programming is ad supported and on free internet television.

A fresh, new approach to kids TV, JoJo's Dream Cart is designed for kids to believe in themselves and in their dreams. They are urged to use their imaginations and not to be discouraged by negatives.

"This is really a quality childrens television program," said TV4U,Inc. CEO and President Charry Kennedy. "Its exciting to have fresh, new kids programming on the Hi Tops TV4U.Com channel and we think this show will get a lot of interest from kids 5 to 10 years old, and from their parents as well."

Hi Tops Tv4U.Com currently carries mostly classic kids fare such as Gumby, Mighty Mouse, Clutch Cargo, Three Stooges, Baby Huey, Caspe The Friendly Ghost, Fury, Popeye, and Porky Pig.

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