"Material Handling 21XX"- Innovative Solutions for Automated Material Handling

"Material Handling 21XX" provides an overview of the newest material handling equipment.

Hannover, Germany, April 29, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Despite noticeable increasing interest in intra-logistic materials systems, they have been given little or no online exposure. To solve this problem, EXPO21XX has opened a new online exhibition Material Handling 21XX which offers manufacturers the opportunity to display their products to potential customers, as well as distribute latest news on the ongoing developments in this area. The material handling equipment presented in this online trade show includes hand-operated lifting platforms, manned and unmanned industrial vehicles, handling robots, RFID´s, GPS-based cargo handling and other high-tech transportation systems.

Almost all sectors of the today’s capital goods industry are under permanent pressure to optimize processes and offer the best possible solutions, demanding fast and efficient communication as well as appropriate marketing tools. As Markus Baumgartner, CEO of EXPO21XX points out, "The current paradigm shift within the industry of intra-house logistics will lead to innovations in the field. As a reliable partner, EXPO21XX will continue to offer companies permanent exhibition space to display their products to a global audience.”

The online Hall "AGVs Automated Guided Vehicles" presents state-of-the-art unmanned automatic industrial vehicles, which autonomously navigate through factory halls, giving a look out to future developments. Conventional industrial vehicles such as cranes, trucks and lifting equipment, storage and transport conveyors can be seen in the exhibition area , "Vehicles, Lift Trucks & Forklifts."

The exhibition Hall "Dynamic Accumulators" displays transport and handling equipment with inbuilt 3D flat-top chain systems which are capable of transporting items horizontally or vertically over long distances. These modular systems can be individually assembled to meet the exact needs of each customer and therefore offer multiple setup possibilities to effectively enhance the usage of the equipment.

Modern industrial robots can be discovered in the online exhibition hall "Palletizing, Cartesian & Handling Robots." These 6-axis high-speed robots are used in various application areas and provide reliable solutions to improve productivity. By mastering dynamic movements they combine speed with precision, while maximum process reliability can be achieved. Modern handling robots are characterized by flexible and versatile design and can be assembled and equipped in almost every possible way.

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