Reggae Legend Mikey Dread Announces Collaboration with Insomnia Radio and Dread at the Controls at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Pismo Beach, CA, March 05, 2007 --( During a presentation recently at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame international reggae legend Mikey Dread announced partnering with Insomnia Radio for the launch of a podcast to highlight the return of roots and cultural reggae to the world stage. Both Mikey Dread and Insomnia Radio, as pioneers in their respective fields, have decided to use podcasting to shed light on roots and cultural reggae artists, from Jamaica and beyond, in order to influence indie music in much the same way as his original show in Kingston did.

New artists that wish to be featured in the podcast can sign up to send music for review. The show can be found at and the feed for the show is available at

Invited by the Hall of Fame to discuss his contributions to reggae and how his influence helped shape aspects of rock and roll history, Mikey shared how his early experiences in Jamaica and its vibrant music scene helped bring artists to the attention of a world audience.

Mikey Dread, also known as the Dread at the Controls, got his start in reggae while working at the JBC (Jamaica Broadcasting Company) between 1976 and 1979. During this time in Jamaica reggae and the Rastafari movement that influenced its message and voice were not regularly broadcast on public airwaves. Challenging station owners, Mikey began to produce an all reggae show broadcast in the wee hours of the night between midnight and 4:30am when the radio station had previously gone of the air. Developing his own unique sound and presentation of jingles, sound bites and effects Dread at the Controls created a style that became the signature format for roots reggae productions for years to come.

This early work and collaberations with other reggae legends such as King Tubby led to international acclaim an as an artist, producer and radio personality. His production work with UK punk rock group The Clash on tracks such as "Bankrobber" and the album "Sandinista" cemented his place in rock and roll history. Mikey Dread has performed, produced or collaberated with artists such as UB40, Seal, Carlos Santana and others and is commited to preserving roots and cultural reggae's unique sound and vibe as well as influencing a whole new generation of artists waiting to be discovered.

Insomnia Radio, hosted and produced by Jason Evangelho, began as one of the earliest music podcasts on the Internet. Gaining noteriety for selecting tracks from unheard and often unsigned independent artists, Jason has helped bring to light such bands as Taxi Doll, Thriving Ivory, Recliner and The Rewinds. Much like Mikey Dread, Jason focused on bringing the type of music popular in the streets, clubs and smaller venues across the country that was not being played on radio. Helping to shape the future of podcasting, Jason was instrumental in founding such organizations as the Association of Music Podcasters and has inspired many podcasters to get their start in this new medium.

Insomnia Radio has grown into an international collection of regional sites including San Diego, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, the UK, and more. In all, over ten major cities across the globe have Insomnia Radio shows dedicated specifically to their unique sound and independent artists. An online magazine, the Indie Music Project, is dedicated to the artists and bands that have been featured on shows or included in Insomnia Radio's artist library.

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