Atascadero Solar Company Becomes the First to Use New Solar Technology on California's Central Coast

Solarponics offers new solar systems that are twice as efficient as popular PV panels.

Atascadero, CA, April 30, 2011 --( California’s longest continually owned and operated solar company, Solarponics, is the first on the Central Coast to add the newest technological advance in solar energy – Echo solar systems. Developed five years ago by Echo First, the systems are considered the most complete solar system because they offer both electrical and thermal energy in addition to home heating and ventilation, while most solar systems only provide electrical energy. The Echo systems are 70 to 100 percent more efficient than popular PV panels because of their added thermal capabilities.

“With these new systems, customers are able to achieve more savings, have more control over the sun’s energy, and be twice as efficient with the same amount of roof space,” said Ryan Stepp, sales manager for Echo First.

Solar energy panels have remained largely unchanged in how they operate, but technological advances have made them more efficient and more appealing in the last decade. With rising energy costs, solar has also become increasingly popular. From 2009 to the first part of 2011, there have been over 1,400 PV solar panel installations in San Luis Obispo County, and that number continues to rise with more affordable and efficient systems being developed.

New technologies are emerging that improve panel cleaning, increase panel efficiency and cost effectiveness. Products are also being produced that will increase the number of installations on shaded buildings and homes.

Solarponics is also the first to offer self-cleaning panel systems, and was one of the first in California to begin offering Tigo, a device that makes the solar system more productive.

“Solar is an amazing investment but it can always be improved with the proper compliments. Solar has options that cater to most everyone now and it is key to know of a solution that allows everyone, from techies to the home makeovers, to invest in a system that they will be happy with,” said Kristian Emrich, vice president of Solarponics.

For more information on Echo panels and new solar technologies, contact Solarponics at (805) 466-5595.

Christine Gorney