Launching World's First Shopping Comparison Site for Local Merchants

Beaverton, OR, March 06, 2007 --( Shopping online has been simplified by a new search engine that lets you list the Nearest Merchants first in the search thereby reducing the shipping costs and effecting quicker delivery, stocking more than one and half million products.

"The internet has made comparison shopping easier, and now consumers can easily get the best products at the lowest prices as well as from Local Merchants," says Krishnamoorthy Muthiyalu, director of Elan Stores International LLC which runs this comparison shopping site.

Comparison Shopping is gaining more popularity and it is very easy to search and buy products from all merchants whose products are listed. Unlike other shopping comparison sites, asks for where the consumer wants the goods to be shipped. Using this information the nearest merchants products are listed in the first page or in the 1 to 2 day transit time listing. You as a consumer will get the products in 1 to 3 days delivery and also at the Ground Shipping rate.

At PDQdeals the merchants nearest to you are listed first to get the products quick and at the Lowest Shipping cost.

If you are in CA and the merchants from CA will be listed first. You can choose merchants from within your state or the next state as per your choice. The benefit you get is that you can expect the product quick and also at the lowest shipping cost.

Comparison shopping websites make shopping convenient. You can have a certain item in mind and head to the comparison shopping websites to find the best prices. This process is usually quick and with a few clicks you will see all your choices and the best prices. It is not difficult to place your order and your merchandise is shipped to your home.

"Now you have a choice of choosing your merchants from local and save on shipping cost and speedy delivery," Muthiyalu concluded.

Elan Stores International LLC.
Krishnamoorthy Muthiyalu