Hangover Gone Hits Distribution Milestone as Walgreens Signs on

Wilmington, NC, April 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- With the nation's largest drugstore chain placing Hangover Gone on its shelves, Afterglow Beverage Company Inc. has achieved a distribution milestone with its revolutionary product that prevents or minimizes the effects of a hangover, while removing the harmful toxins left over from alcohol metabolization.

Hangover Gone Deterrent and Detox Shot is a convenient, portable 2-ounce liquid shot that enables partygoers to prevent or minimize the morning after & long term effects of alcohol consumption by drinking it before or while imbibing the alcohol beverages.

Afterglow Beverage Company is now a Direct to Store Delivery (DSD) vendor for Walgreens with Hangover Gone on the shelves of 38 stores in the Eastern Carolina District and approved for sale in 300 more stores spanning North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Initial sales figures show there is a high demand for this product by Walgreens’ customers as the 38 stores report selling a district average of three units per day, several individual stores selling 5 units per day. Over the past three months, the stores have seen a growing number of repeat users of the product.

To be a Direct to Store Delivery vendor of Walgreen Co., Afterglow Beverage Company had to meet stringent requirements, including standards for electronic procurement, item catalog management, shipping and accounting. The company also met Walgreens’ liability requirements by providing a Certificate of Insurance for Product Liability and quality assurance requirements by providing documentation of Food Safety and/or GMP (Good Management Practices) Audits of product manufacturing and storage facilities.

This distribution deal with Walgreens is a big move for Afterglow Beverage Company. The company launched Hangover Gone just four months ago with a limited distribution model originating around the Wilmington, NC area and expanded to certain convenience stores, pharmacies, liquor stores and grocery stores in target markets across North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Florida and parts of Virginia, Montana, Oregon and California.

“I am very excited to have Hangover Gone in Walgreens stores,” said Jason Walter, owner of Afterglow Beverage Company, Inc. “Our production facility will increase production to meet this increased demand.”

With an estimated 33 million Americans who drink alcoholic beverages, it is easy to see a market for Hangover Gone.

Hangover Gone is an appealing alternative for social drinkers who are looking for hangover cures because it is different from ineffective hangover cures, myths and gimmicks by utilizing a new proprietary technology scientifically formulated to prevent the hangover in 3 phases. First, it uses the amino acid Cysteine, and Succinic & Fumaric acids to help the body metabolize Acetaldehyde, the by-product of alcohol break down in the body. Second, it uses glucose to provide the extra fuel needed for the cellular metabolization. Third, it uses a powerful blend of herbs, vitamins & minerals to rid the body of harmful toxins.

Because Afterglow Beverage Company has developed and packaged Hangover Gone in a convenient and great tasting, sour cherry flavored 2 oz shot, it also appeals to that large market of consumers who frequently purchase popular energy or vitamin supplements in shot format.

Afterglow Beverage Company currently has distributorship opportunities available for Hangover Gone. Call 910-742-0152 for information.

Afterglow Beverage Company, Inc.
Jason Walter