Japan Crisis Pushes Maker of Personal Radiation Detector Alarm Into International Spotlight

Sales of personal radiation detectors have soared since the Japan nuclear crisis. Connecticut-based K8 Community, a premier reseller of miniature, wearable radiation alarms, sold out of its stock within days of the tsunami but now expects to have K8 radiation detectors available to ship.

Guilford, CT, April 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The nuclear crisis in Japan led to a global rush on personal radiation alarms for rescue personnel, military, and civilians. One company directly affected by recent events is K8 Community, a US-based seller of miniature radiation detectors.

“In the days following the tsunami, we sold out our entire inventory,” says K8 Community founder Jeff Casey. “We sent out nearly a thousand units, both directly and through our representative in Japan.”

Not all the products were shipped to Japan, says Casey. Events in Japan increased awareness of nuclear risks – and sales of safety devices – throughout the U.S. as well.

“Our market is anyplace there’s a nuclear generator,” Casey says. “Or, where there’s a transport corridor for nuclear waste or radiological contaminants.”

That could be closer than you think. “The 2010 Census showed a dramatic increase in population in areas near nuclear power plants,” Casey says. “Over four million Americans now live within 10 miles of a nuclear reactor, a 17% increase over the previous decade. And, a third of our population lives within a 50-mile evacuation radius of one.”

K8 manufactures what it claims is the world’s most-sensitive miniature radiological warning device. A one-ounce, clip-on detector roughly the size of a second-generation iPod Shuffle, the K8 radiation detector is currently used by the California Highway Patrol, Colorado and New Mexico State Police, and Las Vegas Fire and Recue.

K8 Community sells the K8 radiation detector/alarm to government agencies and individual consumers.

“Having a dispersed, mobile network of radiation detectors is essential to homeland security,” Casey says. “The ability to quickly and accurately assess risk is an invaluable tool for first-responders to accidents, natural disasters, or attacks. That’s also where private citizens can play an important role in keeping the community safe.”

Although K8 Community’s warehouses are empty, K8’s manufacturing facilities and testing labs are working overtime to meet demand.

“We expect to have about 1,000 units available on May 1, with another 10,000 by the end of May,” Casey says, noting that much of the incoming stock has already been pre-sold.

Individuals and agencies interested in the K8 personal radiation detector alarm can get more information at www.k8community.com.

About K8 Community
The K8 personal radiation detector was created by Dr. Sam Hsu. Dr. Hsu invented the solid-state radiation detector in 1980, and has developed numerous other dosimetry products for specialized applications. A leading expert in dosimetry, Dr. Hsu was a keynote speaker at the NATO Advanced Research Workshop in Warsaw, Poland.

K8 Community was founded by Jeff Casey as an authorized agent for K8. It has sold thousands of K8 personal radiation detectors worldwide to law enforcement, first responders, hospitals, schools, national laboratories, and private citizens.

To purchase, visit http://myworld.ebay.com/k8community or www.k8community.com.

K8 Community
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