PublishAmerica Presents Out of Iraq by Mahmoud Albayati

Frederick, MD, March 06, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present Out of Iraq: Escape from Saddam and Al-Qaeda by Middletown, Connecticut author, and former Iraqi citizen, Mahmoud Albayati.

In this autobiography, Albayati details the horrors of living under the iron fist of Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime and his experiences working in Iraq’s weapons program. He also discusses life in Iraq during the war with Iran and during Desert Storm, as well as his dramatic escape to freedom in America.

Albayati did not come from a privileged background, but made his way to a high position through hard work and merit. This is not a middle-class memoir of life under Saddam, but the truth from someone existing in a large family in near-poverty. Now a US citizen, Albayati has provocative and fascinatingly unvarnished views of the United Nations, George Bush (senior), Al-Qaeda, and 9/11—and, most of all, what Iraq needs now. This is a fearlessly honest book from someone who has (literally) come through the wars. Albayati has the courage to speak for the millions of moderate Arab Muslims who have been cowed into silence by fundamentalists. This book will change your mind about the Middle East forever.

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Shawn Street