Free Online Advertising & Internet Marketing “Cheat Sheet” Created by Web Marketer

Online Marketer- Robert Kimble has partnered with Phoenix online marketing company, DotVentures, to create a free Online Advertising & Internet Marketing “Cheat Sheet”. In it, years of Internet marketing experience is leveraged making the best information available in easy-to-understand language.

Phoenix, AZ, March 06, 2007 --( Online Marketer, Robert Kimble, has partnered with Phoenix online marketing company, DotVentures, to create a free, “Cliff Notes”, version of bulky (often hard-to-understand) Internet marketing resources. This new resource is concise and contained within a five page “Microsite”. It defines each subject and then speaks in plain and easy-to-understand language about uses and possible applications. Links for further investigation are provided. Please visit the site here:

Any readers tired of reading incomprehensible Internet marketing “resources” will find Mr. Kimble’s site useful including those interested in learning more search engine marketing. In it, years of Internet marketing experience is leveraged and the best of that is made available to everyone creating a general resource for all Web marketers who will also find references to useful applications that can help make the life of any busy Web marketer or entrepreneur much easier.

The site is broken down into five parts with a Home page that first outlines the major precepts of Internet marketing. This is followed by a Pay-per Click Advertising page that provides an excellent overview while giving a beginning PPC strategy. The third page educates the reader in the judicious use of Pop-up Advertising and it speaks about something called a “pop-under-ad” that seems to be the trend these days. Page four discusses choosing the right Internet marketing strategy. This page goes into a bit of detail on something called Search Engine Marketing which is the hottest term in online marketing today. Page five outlines Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is how to tweak your site to make it more attractive to the search engines. There are also “tricks” revealed to making your site more relevant.

All in all, the site is a nice little synopsis of some of the more important aspects of successful Web advertising and Internet marketing. Robert Kimble has said that he, “…just hopes my little site is helpful to some.” This free site is perfect for anybody wondering how to start an internet business and will explain and guide them in the right direction. This site is not so much about the amount of information presented but what information is relevant to a beginner. In these times, there are millions & millions of websites with the vast majority of them published by non-professionals without utilizing good search engine optimization practices. This free site presents a good starting point for implementing an SEO strategy.

Online Advertising 360 is a free informational site created by Internet Marketer Robert Kimble for beginner Web marketing and SEO informational purposes. Visit the site here:

DotVentures, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. They help individuals successfully invest in domain names. Interested parties can call them at: 888-291-2976. Learn more about DotVentures here:

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