Chieli Minucci to Invite 19 Fans to the Jazz 19 Retreat in Costa Rica

New York, NY, May 02, 2011 --( Today, Chieli Minucci and announced that Mr. Minucci will invite 19 fans only to participate in a Jazz19 intimate retreat in Costa Rica on February 12-17, 2012. Following the announcement, Chieli and will accept only 19 fans to spend 6 days with the artist in Lake Arenal and the beaches of Costa Rica. Fans can inquire about the retreat at or by calling the company.

Chieli Minucci is the leader of the Grammy-nominated contemporary jazz group Special EFX, which formed in 1982. Minucci & Special EFX have recorded a combined 26 CDs, 8 of those being solo releases. In addition Minucci has recorded and performed with top pop artists such as Celine Dion, Lionel Richie, Jennifer Lopez, Jewel, Mark Anthony, Jessica Simpson, Anastasia and others, as well as jazz/pop artists Bobby Caldwell, Marion Meadows, Jay Beckenstein, Kim Waters, Alex Bugnon, Gerald Veasley, Lao Tizer, Nestor Torez, Bob Baldwin, and many others.

According to Bobby D., founder of Jazz 19, "The retreats are one of a kind." The retreats are intimate events with only 19 fans and a world renowned artist. Together, the artist and his fans spend 6 days, enjoying the unique nature and outdoors activities of Arenal, and the great musical performances by the musician.

Mr. Minucci commented enthusiastically, “I already have some ideas about how to make this event a very special 6 days - even more than music, but a true retreat - the solo concerts, jam sessions with other local musicians, even group participation in music within our own group.”

Chieli invited the fans to bring their own instruments and have a unique opportunity to jam with him. “We will have conversations about art, life, relationships,'s endless. After all, a retreat is spiritual; and spiritual ultimately means taking action, not just talking. So it will be entertaining for all the guests, and hopefully invigorating to the soul,” Chieli added.

About intimately connects fans with their favorite Jazz musicians in an unforgettable musical experience in beautiful and peaceful Costa Rica. The artist and his fans spend 6 days in Costa Rica, jamming, touring and forming new lifelong friendships. Every retreat is only for 19 fans, so each fan can enjoy maximum quality time with the artist. The retreats are hosted at the beautiful property of YesArenal, in Lake Arenal, Costa Rica.

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Yuvi Shmul