New Role Play Game system "APOCalypse 2500"

Seattle, WA, March 06, 2007 --( John Arnold releases his first Future world Role Play Game Titled  "APOCalypse 2500," in conjunction with Lulu (, the world’s fastest-growing provider of print-on-demand books.

APOCalypse 2500
It is some time in the early 26th century AD according to the old world calendar. However most alive now call it the 4th century AV, denoting 400 years after the opening of the vortex. Much has changed in the world since scientists unwittingly and abruptly ended the era of steady logical scientific human progress. Earth is now a place of science and magic, of humans living side by side with aliens, mutants, and creatures of legendary origin. This is the world Of APOCalypse 2500 a new R.P.G. from the mind that brought you The Virtual Magicians. Drive a hover car and do battle with a dragon in the land of dwarfs. Explore the strange new super continent of Neo-Pangaea or sail the Pan Pacific ocean some 13,000 miles across. Become a feudal lord and command an army of mythical beasts armed with plasma rifles. It is all possible in this exciting new world where magic and legend has returned to humankind's future. The main rule book is well written with consistent easy to understand rules.

The author John Arnold has created a futuristic world where the severely decreased human population of earth must compete with the ancient races of Elves Dwarfs, and the like that have returned to earth. Build a unique character from amongst humans, mutants, arcane species, and aliens to set out and explore the newly reformed super continent of Neo-Pangaea. Find high adventure and strange new lands wile you travel through a world where technologically augmented human cyborgs do battle with mythical dragons and goblin armies armed with modern plasma weapons.

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After many years in various unsatisfying professions John Arnold age 40 decided to put his childlike overactive imagination to use and write APOCalypse 2500. "It is finally time to stop dreaming just for my self," Mr. Arnold has been quoted as saying. His other writing projects include a sci-fi novel "The Virtual Magicians," as well as many articles and columns for hobbyist newsletters. He is also an avid performer and swordsman in historical reenactment of the Tudor Renaissance era.

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