New Jersey Celebrity Personal Trainer Carey Yang Reveals 7 Simple Calorie-Blasting, Fat-Burning Strategies to Build a Beach-Ready Body

Morris County, New Jersey celebrity personal trainer, leading nutrition and fitness expert Carey Yang reveals 7 simple quick-fixes to burn extra 500 calories a day, slim down and shape up to beach-ready body.

Denville, NJ, May 03, 2011 --( Small changes in your daily activities, diet and workout can make a big difference in your metabolism to blast calories and burn fat. With summer season just around the corner, it’s still not too late to clean up your diet, ditch your bad nutrition habits, kick up your workout plan, slim down, and shape up to your beach-ready body.

Here are seven smart ways to help you burn extra 500 calories offered by Morris County, New Jersey celebrity personal trainer and fitness expert Carey Yang. Follow these calorie-blasting, fat-burning strategies to help you burn fat, lose weight and get the beach-ready body you want just in time for summer.

Yang is the President and master trainer at Beyond Fitness Solutions, LLC -- a leading in-home fitness training and weight-loss management company based in Denville, Morris County in New Jersey.

1. Breakfast
Swap your bagel for an English muffin to slash 220 calories, a glass of whole milk for skim to save 70 calories, and a three-egg omelet for one egg and two egg whites, or pork sausage for turkey sausage to cut about 125 calories each.

2. Lunch
Try wearing a pedometer to measure out 10,000 steps a day or about 5 miles. You’ll automatically burn 500 calories without even hitting the gym.

3. Dinner
Rather than depriving yourself of food to drop pounds, simply use smaller plates. If you shrink the size of your dishes by a quarter, such as going from a 12-inch plate to a 9-inch plate, you’ll cut 500 calories without feeling deprived.

4. Dessert
Save up to 400 calories by making grilled fruit kebabs. Slice one peach and one small banana into quarters, thread four pieces fruit each onto two skewers, and brush with one tbsp honey each. Grill each side for about 4 minutes or until flesh is tender but still firm. Sprinkle on cinnamon. Or, if you want to have your cake, cut a thin slice of pound cake, layer on berries and top with light whipped cream for a decadent-tasting dessert for less than 150 calories.

5. Dining Out
Before you head to a chain restaurant, check out the nutrition information on its web site. You’ll be able to make smarter meal choices. Instead of having Chili’s Steak and Portobello Fajitas for 1130 calories, you can choose Chili’s Classic Chicken Fajitas for just 360 calories. That’s a savings of almost 800.

6. Watching TV
Do some exercise during commercial break such as jumping rope or jogging in place. It burns about 10 calories a minute. If you watch an hour of TV a night and add cardio moves during the 10 commercial breaks that typically air, you could blast up to 300 extra calories without missing your favorite shows.

7. During Workout
You can burn up to an additional 250 calories in a half-hour, or 500 in an hour, by incorporating intervals versus exercising at the same pace whether you’re swimming laps, running, riding a stationary bike, or using the treadmill, you can increase the calorie burn by picking up the pace to the point where you are so out of breath that you can’t even talk for 30 seconds, then slow down for one and half minutes to recover.

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