One Concierge Offers "Jet Fighter Experience"

West Palm Beach, FL, May 04, 2011 --( One Concierge, a premium concierge and lifestyle management company is offering clients a unique experience with the chance to create their own "Top Gun" memories. This new service offering allows clients to pilot and fly in a fighter jet such as the legendary MIG jet fighters or the L-39 for a variety of customized flight experiences. With a number of different packages available, clients can select to experience supersonic flights, acrobatic maneuvers, real-life "dog fights," flights to the edge of space and much more. Each program and package is custom tailored and designed for each individual, to create a truly unique and personalized experience. Flying at supersonic speeds at altitudes of up to 65,000 feet, participants will be subject to extreme g-forces, acrobatic maneuvers and incredible views from the aircraft. All programs consist of a pre-flight briefing with qualified and trained instructors, videos and footage of the in-flight experience, photos and certificates to share with family and friends.

This new offering is available to adventure enthusiasts around the world in over 110 countries, with availability in numerous locations such as Florida, Las Vegas and of course Russia. From short 30 minute flights to 3 hour long experiences, One Concierge allows each client to tailor the experience to their exact specifications. This new service offering is possible through numerous partnerships and affiliations with local operators that help arrange these unique flights on behalf of One Concierge's clients. "As a concierge provider, our clients constantly challenge the boundaries of our imagination and we are glad to be able to fulfill their dreams," said Arman Motiwalla, Chief Executive Officer of One Concierge. In addition to the actual experience, One Concierge is allowing clients to custom tailor their package by including luxury accommodations and private travel options (such as private jets and ground transport)l for participants and guests to and from the experience. Prices for these excursions vary by location, aircraft and other custom enhancements that the client may desire. Depending on how the package is built, clients can expect to spend anywhere from $10,000 to over $25,000 USD per experience, but more cost effective packages are available in different aircraft.

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