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The new Jetcast service enables broadcasters, content owners and content creators to transmit video and audio worldwide to millions of simultaneous users, for free.

New York, NY, March 06, 2007 --( MeTV Network, Inc., announced the launch of its ground breaking new Internet broadcasting service – Jetcast® ( The new Jetcast service enables broadcasters, content owners and content creators to transmit video and audio worldwide to millions of simultaneous users, for free. No longer must broadcasters fear the costs associated with large audiences or long viewing times. The new Jetcast service eliminates bandwidth expense and allows broadcasters to retain their channel’s advertising revenue. Jetcast makes Internet broadcasting a profitable venture without requiring the relinquishment of rights to the content, unlike Google Video.

“The biggest hurdle to date for advertising supported Internet broadcasts has been the high cost of bandwidth,” said Jeff Pescatello, co-founder of MeTV Network, Inc. “Until today, if you used a content delivery network like Akamai to deliver your Internet channel, you would pray your audience would not get too big or watch too long. The cost of the bandwidth could crush you. Now, it doesn’t matter how many people watch or how long they watch. Your costs are fixed at zero,” said Pescatello.

The website, launched in alpha mode, serves as an aggregation point for the best television programs, music, sports and entertainment on the Internet. It will grow in functionality and content over the coming months. Any broadcaster may use the free services to reach small, medium or even very large audiences using Windows Media and other standard formats.

“The Jetcast service was developed by broadcasters for broadcasters. Broadcasters can now utilize the Jetcast Server application to create live channels with either an originating channel stream, a directory of media files, or a single media file. Jetcast also has free advanced server applications and services for larger broadcasters. There are no catches or gimmicks. The Jetcast service is an open service,” stated Jeff Pescatello, MeTV Network co-founder.

With the Jetcast protocol services, broadcasters can have their content on, place free or subscription channels on their own website, integrate their own proprietary player designs with their Jetcast channel, use the standard Jetcast player externally, or even open their channel and player for viral marketing.

Jetcast streams utilize Jetcast’s massive grid distribution technology to deliver high quality audio and video to audiences worldwide. The Jetcast network is a secure protocol for use by those who want to offer either free or subscription channels to audiences. Jetcast is a unique offering and aims to break traditional barriers and burdens, without requiring signup fees, fixed costs, or variable costs for small and large broadcasters.

To learn more about the services for broadcasters, please visit The Jetcast team will work with broadcasters to integrate their content offerings and to help in any way.

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