Orange Park High School Alumni Still Helping Teachers

The Class of 1981 has a history of supporting teachers. This year, they are planning their 30th high school reunion and are soliciting local businesses for sponsorships in order to raise money for their old school during a time of school budget cuts.

Orange Park, FL, May 05, 2011 --( Alumni from the Orange Park High School Class of 1981 have a long history of supporting their teachers. In 1981, they staged a school-day walkout in support of teachers’ salaries which was covered by local news media. This year, they are seeking reunion sponsorships from local businesses in order to raise money for this same school. Class alumni and reunion committee member John Linge said, “The tough economic environment we are living in has caused large budget cuts at the state and local levels which is really adding stress to our public education system. During these times, our class thought it was important to try to do something to help the school which contributed so positively to building the foundation for who we are today.” Current OPHS Principal, Treasure T Pickett, said “We are very proud of the traditions established at OPHS, and hope to continue to create great high school memories for students of the future.” Retired Orange Park High School Principal, Jim Booth was on duty the day of the walkout in 1981. When asked about his memories of that day, Booth had this to say, “During the walkout I was proud of the kids and the orderly way they handled it. Once we saw you kids were going to walkout, I advised the teachers to stay inside so they could not be blamed for encouraging you to walkout. The Administrators decided we would just come out and supervise and not confront anyone unless it was necessary. After a short period of time everyone went back inside and went to work as usual. You kids made your statement in an orderly manner, that went further to support teachers than you will ever know. Once again, the walkout was a good learning experience for all concerned.”

The Class of 1981 was a unique group. They were the last graduating class to include Middleburg students after Middleburg, FL opened a separate high school. They had the same class president for all four years of high school, Casey Carter, who led the students in improving their school and supporting teachers. Casey was a key organizer of the walkout in 1981 and many other activities in support of Orange Park High School. After graduation, Casey continued her tradition of making the world a better place and later married. Unfortunately, Casey Carter Bonar passed away in the summer of 2010. Casey’s family is proud of her legacy of service. In honor of Casey, and the other class alumni no longer with us, the decision was made to once again make a difference for Orange Park High School. Local businesses are being asked to place ads at the reunion events and an alumni memory book. Other keepsakes may have business and product placements as well. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Orange Park High School.

The Orange Park High School class of 1981 totaled more than 900. Diplomas were awarded on June 10th 1981 and the class will celebrate its 30th year reunion the weekend of June 10th at the Jacksonville Main Library. For more information, visit their website,


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Orange Park High School Class of 1981 Reunion
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