New Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Solution Helps Companies Assess and Remediate Phishing Risks

Phishing and other cyber attacks are headline news and a continual cause for deep concern - if not paranoia - for any company that has data and an IT infrastructure to protect. The recently released Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Tool enables organizations to assess and improve their preparedness against social engineering and phishing attacks.

Mumbai, India, May 05, 2011 --( Aujas (, a global provider of Information Risk Management services, now offers a tool to help companies battle phishers and hackers. From top Federal laboratories getting hacked to data breaches at email marketing companies, phishing and other cyber attacks are very much in the headlines. The Aujas Phishing Diagnostic Solution enables organizations to shore up their defenses against such attacks. The diagnostic measures social risk, tracks incident response, reviews a company's potential data leakage prevention policies, and assesses network capabilities to identify and block spam. The diagnostic also provides instant remediation by launching an e-learning module to train employees and raise their awareness about cyber threats.

Social engineering and phishing incidents are a continual cause for deep concern - if not paranoia - for any company that has data and an IT infrastructure to protect. Consider these recent events:

- A security breach compromised RSA SecurID products, impacting thousands of Federal employees' access to computers and networks.
- At least 20 companies out of its 2,500 clients were impacted by the large data breach at Epsilon, an email marketing firm. These including Kroger, Best Buy, US Bank, and TiVo, among others.
- A LinkedIn spear phishing experiment resulted in 68% of the targeted audience clicking through to a fake - though harmless - website.
- The Oak Ridge National Laboratory was forced to disconnect Internet access after the facility was hacked. Administrators discovered data being siphoned from a server.

The Aujas Phishing Diagnostic is a scalable solution, and has been deployed for companies with 400 people as well as those with over 35,000 employees. The solution enables organizations to validate their people controls across the enterprise and can be used to periodically check control effectiveness and compliance.

According to Karl Kispert, Aujas vice president of sales and business development, "We don't just assess, we remediate. We come in and create a phishing scenario for the client and launch it internally. We monitor employee activity and immediately launch an e-learning module for instant remediation."

In a recent deployment at a leading US bank, the Aujas Phishing Diagnostic was useful for understanding employee preparedness. According to the bank's vice president of security, "We wanted to understand how our employees would react to a phishing attack and the Aujas solution was exactly what we were looking for. After Aujas conducted the Phishing Diagnostic, we realized we had a user awareness risk. We were then able to focus our training on specific groups of individuals."

About Aujas
A leading provider of phishing diagnostic solutions, Aujas ( is a global Information Risk Management services company and an IDG Ventures funded company. The company's consultants work with the client's management teams to align information risk with business initiatives, so that security becomes a business driver and competitive advantage. Aujas helps clients manage emerging technologies - mobile devices, social media, cloud computing - that are transforming the business environment and posing increasing security challenges.

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