Here's a Quick Way for a Web Designer to Win a $1500 Web Development Contract

Event Management Group Inc. is looking to attract local talent to create a martial arts-related blog, the winner to be awarded a $1500 Web Site contract.

Hamilton, Canada, March 06, 2007 --( Event Management Group (EMG) Inc. is looking for hot, fresh talented web developers. EMG wants to create excitement within the Martial Arts community in the Golden Horseshoe area by creating a blog for fighters and fans to read the latest news and events in the local area. To this end, a contest was created with the end goal that the winner will be awarded a $1500 Website Development contract.

"The Martial Arts online presence is fairly limited to a few sites, many with paid subscriptions to view premium content or have no ads while browsing those sites," said spokesperson Don Belmore. "This Blog concept is designed to showcase some local talent and pull together Southern Ontario's fighters and events."

EMG is hoping that one of the fighters themselves creates the blog, thus destroying the myth that fighters don't know anything outside of fighting.

"Many fighters are extremely talented and hard working students," says Johnny Powers, ex-wrestler and business owner of 1 Fight Network. "This contest will show that these kids work hard in every aspect of their lives."

The contest is not limited to fighters only but would be a neat story to incorporate into the Golden Horseshoe Fighter community should a fighter actually win. The winner will receive not only the $1500 Web Development contract but $200 and a pair of tickets for a future event in the Golden Horseshoe area (to be announced).

All Web Developers can simply e-mail Don Belmore ( to receive further instructions and be assigned an account # to begin the contest. The contest will run from March 5, 2007 to March 15, 2007 with the winner being announced on March 16th. You may also contact Mr. Belmore by phone at 289-244-6514.

Event Management Group Inc.
Don Belmore