Wal* Mart Data Synchronization and RFID requirements met by epcSolutions

RFIDTagManagerâ„¢, the most installed software for Wal*Marts suppliers RFID compliance, now has data synchronization module.

Great Falls, VA, March 06, 2007 --(PR.com)-- epcSolutions, Inc. the worlds most installed Wal*Mart RFID solutions provider announces a new product to offer data synchronization solutions for Wal*Mart Suppliers Data Sync mandate. The product offering is integrated with RFIDTagManager and provides seamless integration between Data Sync and RFID.

Wal*Mart now requires all of its RFID suppliers to use either the Global Data Synchronization Network or Retail Link to synchronize the information for all their RFID enabled products. Wal*Mart no longer considers the GDSN a "bleeding edge" technology but rather "a mature solution providing tangible benefits for retailers and suppliers." Wal*Mart and its suppliers hope to see improved purchase order accuracy, fewer administrative errors, better supplies of stock and greater speed in getting product onto the shelves. Without accurate product information, companies face invoicing problems, shipment discrepancies and out-of-stock conditions, all of which can significantly impact a supplier's and a retailer's bottom line.

epcSolutions’ integrated offering provides data synchronization with both the 1Sync repository and Wal*Mart’s Retail Link web application. “Our integrated solution offers dynamic supply-chain event data that RFID devices collect with synchronized product information to automate product tagging and tracking,” states Chuck Williams, CTO of epcSolutions. “By aggregating internal and external product information, retailers and suppliers can see how products are moving from manufacturing facilities through a retailer's supply chain and into the stores,” continues Mr. Williams. In addition to meeting retailer RFID initiatives and ensuring data accuracy, it also enables businesses to improve control of stock and other assets; eliminate inefficiencies in the supply chain; increase accuracy and visibility for real-time decision making and enhance the traceability of goods in the manufacturing process.

Please contact them at 703-757-4470 for further information or to schedule a demonstration of this new offering.

Kim Simonalle