Chiropractor Serving Doylestown and Central Bucks Helps Patients to Recover from Auto Accident Injuries

Long time Doylestown Chiropractor, Dr. Jeff McQuaite of Azzatori Chiropractic-Doylestown is focusing his services on car accident injuries due to the sharp increase in automobile accidents in Pennsylvania and Central Bucks over the past year. The doctor offers innovative and advanced procedures for injury victims at his Doylestown chiropractic office.

Doylestown, PA, May 06, 2011 --( Did you know that statistically, every American can expect to be in a motor vehicle collision once every ten years. According to PenDot, last year, there were 121,242 reported accidents in Pennsylvania, an increase of almost 5.5 percent from the previous year. Every day in Pennsylvania there was 332 reportable traffic crashes, or about 14 every hour. This increase has led to many new car accident injuries that have caused a lot of pain and dysfunction in the victims affected. Dr. Jeff McQuaite of Azzatori Chiropractic-Doylestown has seen many patients come in with auto accident injuries that threatened their lives and their health; however, he has watched them all leave as healthier and more carefree individuals. All of this was possible thanks to the advanced technology, attentive application and innovative techniques utilized by his staff at Azzatori Chiropractic.

Azzatori Chiropractic-Doylestown is run by a doctor who applies his knowledge and skill to treat each car accident injury with precision and care. A car accident injury can affect essentially any part of the body; however, the most commonly reported injuries occur in the back and neck area. These injuries can often be very painful and reduce the patient's ability to function normally. According to medical studies:

• It is estimated that 15-40% of those who are injured in a motor vehicle collision will suffer from ongoing chronic pain. (Journal of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 2007)
•Whiplash injuries not only increase the incidence of chronic neck and shoulder pain; it also significantly increases the incidence of other systemic ill health effects. In other words, whiplash injuries cause more than neck pain and headache; it hurts the health of the entire body. (Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 2001)
•That essentially 100% of those who are suffering from chronic pain caused by a whiplash injury will have an abnormal psychological profile with standard assessments, and the only way to resolve the abnormal psychological profile was to successfully treat the chronic spinal pain. Psychotherapy was not able to improve the abnormal psychological profile, nor was it able to improve the patient’s chronic pain complaint. (Pain, 1997)
• In the longest study ever performed on whiplash-injured patients (a study looking at the health status 17 years after injury), 55% of the patients still suffered from pain caused by the original trauma. (Accident Analysis and Prevention, 2002)
• 90% of those who are initially given a cervical collar for their whiplash injuries will be suffering from chronic neck pain 6 months later. (Spine, 2000)
•2% of whiplash-injured patients will have severe pain and problems that require ongoing medical investigations and drugs 7.5 years after being injured. (Injury, 2005)
•1 in every 100 (1%) people on our planet suffer from chronic neck pain caused by whiplash injury. (Pain, 1994)

Dr. McQuaite has extensive experience providing care and assistance to patients with auto accident injuries. “An auto accident is a traumatic time for anyone and we want to help ease that pain here at Azzatori Chiropractic Center with fast and effective chiropractic care,” says Dr. Jeff McQuaite. Auto accident injuries can include a variety of patient issues, such as whiplash, back pain, neck pain, knee and shoulder trauma, as well as spinal cord damage. Azzatori Chiropractic Center of Doylestown treats these patient conditions and injuries with chiropractic care and spinal manipulations, physiotherapy, massage therapy, and rehabilitative exercises.

Dr. McQuaite stated, “By offering both massage and chiropractic care in our office, we provide comprehensive care for patients to help them recover quicker and prevent future injuries. Chiropractic care is helpful in preventing long term injury for patients that have been involved in auto accidents. We rehabilitate the injury and target any associated pain or stiffness relating to the injury for long term relief. In addition, there are no out of pocket charges for any patient whom receives Chiropractic care as a result of injuries from their car accident, in 99% of cases.”

Along with providing rehabilitation for auto accident patients, the Doylestown chiropractor maintains a professional relationship with several personal injury attorneys. Dr. McQuaite and the attorneys work together to assist auto accident and work-related injury patients with navigating the legal and medical claims process.

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