Features and Improvements of the New Voice123 Revealed

Voice123 disclosed some of the new features and improvements voice talents and voice seekers will find in the new version of its website.

New York, NY, March 07, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Voice123 (http://voice123.com), the largest voice over marketplace where voice over talents promote their voice services and voice talent seekers find the best voices for their projects, has made public a summary of what new features and improvements will be implemented with the release of the upcoming new version of the Voice123 website.

In the latest Check 1,2,3 newsletter for voiceover actors, Voice123 presented an introductory video that lists the most important new features and enhancements both voice artists and voice seekers will soon find. Some of the features and improvements to be released and implemented for voice artists are:

· The new Voice123 SmartCast technology that will increase audition-to-booking ratio,
· A new auditioning system to put together the perfect audition.
· A new invitation system to participate in voiceover projects.
· A new messaging system to communicate with voice talents and voice seekers.
· Access to more details about projects and the voice seeker that created it.

On the other hand, some of the new features for voice talent seekers are:

· The most complete online voice over casting tool.
· A new project creation and management system.
· An enhanced similar talent and voice producer feature.

Voice123 will invite all subscribers to attend a webinar where all features will be explained. In the meantime, to learn more and watch the complete introductory video visit the Voice123 website at http://voice123.com/uploads/intro/introtl_doc.html.

The new Voice123 is in the Beta stage and the company is looking for Beta testers. For information about how to become a Beta tester, visit the Voice Over Savvy Forums at http://voiceoversavvy.com/viewtopic.php?t=987.

About Voice123

Voice123 (http://voice123.com) is an online voice over marketplace based in New York. With the largest online voice over talent database and a vast number of daily voice over job postings, Voice123 helps voice over talents to promote their voice services, and companies to find the right voice over for their projects. With a young, highly qualified, and technology-oriented team, Voice123 is always looking to provide an innovative service and be a world-class technology company.

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Franz Martin